Is Abihail Myrie Missing? Everything You Need To Know

According to some recent online reports, Buju Banton’s daughter Abihail Myrie is missing. Fans are snooping across the internet to find if she had really gone missing or it’s just a fake allegation. Here is all must know about Abihail Myrie’s missing case.

News about the odds between the popular Jamaican musician Buju Banton and his daughter were going viral on the internet earlier. Later, Buju’s 21-year-old daughter has accused her father and brother of physical abuse.

In a series of tweets made recently, Abihail Myrie has said that she has been a punching bag for her family and she doesn’t trust anyone in her family except her mother. Before the accusation game got stronger on Twitter, the 21-year-old was believed to have gone missing. Here is more you need to know.

Is Buju Banton’s Daughter Missing?

Image Of Is Buju Banton’s Daughter Missing

No, Buju Banton’s daughter Abihail Myrie isn’t missing. Abihail has debunked the rumors on her Twitter account recently. She has also shared a statement from her real lawyer. The statement reveals that the online reports of  Abihail’s missing were false and malicious.

As the rumors about Abihail’s missing went viral on the internet, people started makings speculations. One user claimed she was kidnapped while many others said she was “imprisoned.”

However, the statement shared by Abihail reports otherwise. The subject of the report reads, “False and Malicious Report of missing person miss Abihail Myrie”.

While the rumors of her missing were circulating on the internet, a user claimed that Abihail was last spotted at her house. They even leaked her home address over the internet upon which Abihail Myrie seems upset.

To address all the rumors, the 21-year-old model has taken it to her Twitter account saying, “there’s no way I could have been missing when I was at his house on Sunday, no movement day.”

The whole scenario was quite worrisome for Abihail Myrie’s followers. She has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and over 12.2K followers on Twitter. According to her Instagram bio, she is an ‘Artist’ but we couldn’t find if she has started working professionally or not.

Abihail Myrie Missing

Image Of Abihail Myrie Missing

Following her recent Tweets, it seems like Abihail Myrie is having bad terms with her father and her elder brother. Recently, Abihail has revealed that her father and her elder brother have attacked her car. While sharing some snaps featuring broken windows of her car Abihail Myrie wrote:

“Both my brother and my father have been abusive. this is what my brother mark did to me and my car. He hit out my window in moving traffic, then tripped me when I attempted to respond in self-defense. I eventually defended myself.” She later retweeted this similar Tweet saying, he hit out my window on the driver’s side-the side that I was on. so all that glass could have easily shattered out in my face, blind me.”

Explaining the ongoing feud with her family she further added, “I’m the youngest in my immediate family, aren’t these people supposed to be protecting me? Instead, they’re fighting me. Isn’t that how it goes? Big brother protects little sister at all costs? Instead, we fighting Face with tears of joy no one wins when the family feuds”.

Though the back story of this family feud isn’t known so far, the Instagram model Abihail Myrie is fine now. She was spending time at home and wasn’t missing.

This young Instagram model has also thanked her followers for showing concern about her safety.

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Bottom Line

Abihail Myrie is not missing but she is having a difficult time. She is being abused by her own brother and father. However, Abihail Myrie’s father hasn’t addressed any of the accusations so far.

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