Is Addison Rae Pregnant? Everything You Need To Know

Addison Rae is once again in the limelight as fans are congratulating her about the approaching baby on her recent social media posts. But is Addison Rae really pregnant or it is just another sequence of rumors? Here is everything you need to know.

The popular internet personality Addison Rae is making headlines on the internet after fans have poured thousands of comments, congratulating her for her approaching baby.

Well, this is not the first time we have seen the 21-year-old Internet star surrounded by pregnancy rumors. In fact, this prank has grown old and boring now. In past also, Addison remained in news for fake pregnancy claims made by fans.

Here is why fans are congratulating Addison on her TikTok account and if they are on point are just speculating. Stay Tuned!

Why Are TikTok Users Commenting “Addison Is Pregnant”?

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TikTok users are flooding the comment section of Addison’s recent post with messages of congratulations. Seeing the comments on her posts, hundreds of other users are paying their part of congratulating her.

Here are some of the comments made by TikTok users on her social media posts.

One person wrote, “CONGRATS, so excited for the baby.”

Another said, “Omg congrats on being pregnant”.

“Congrats on the pregnancy babe,” added another.

“I’m so excited for the pregnancy”, another user said.

Some of her fans are claiming that Addison announced her pregnancy on a private Instagram account. However, we couldn’t spot any evidence that backs this statement.

Though thousands of fans have believed that Addison is pregnant, but this is again just a rumor. She is not pregnant at all. This is just a hoax that began after a TikTok user named @oldrod said that Addison was expecting.

In a video with over 86,000 views, the TikTok user @oldrod said, “I really want to start a big confusing rumor for no reason at all. Like why don’t we all just comment on Addison Rae’s posts congratulating her on her pregnancy.”

“Like what’s stopping us from confusing people that aren’t in on the joke? Let’s make videos, posts, and tweets congratulating her #CongratsAddison,” he further added.

As soon as, @oldrod’s video went viral on the app, users were tricked into believing that the internet personality is expecting. Several users who already knew that this was just a rumor, also posted comments of congratulations just to confuse everyone.

Is Addison Rae Really Pregnant?

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No, Addison Rae is not pregnant. It was just a rumor started by a TikTok content creator while thousands of users have played their role in making this rumor go viral.

Although thousands of users have helped @oldrod in spreading this fake news, there are also some who are slamming it on the video-sharing app.

One TikTok user wrote, “I’m sure this is meant to be harmless but it can come across as calling her fat.

Another added, “Joking about girls being pregnant is a bad idea… they’re gonna think people are body shaming them”.

“People on the internet really have nothing better to do with their lives, just shut up and let her be”, said another.

“Just because she’s an influencer you think you can do anything to her without affecting her feelings? Disgusting behavior” wrote a third user.

As of now, Addison Rae has not responded to any of the fake comments and she has not addressed the pregnancy rumors. Seems like, such pranks have grown old now and they do not deserve to get attention.

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Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not Addison Rae is Pregnant and why are fans congratulating her on her recent social media post. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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