Floating Broom TikTok — The Spooky Broom Goes Viral

TikTok users are terrified as a spooky floating broom is making rounds on TikTok. The broom is seen sailing in the sky without any support and users have found it terrifying. If you haven’t watched this spooky video yet, here is everything we know about it.

Besides being the hub of entertainment, TikTok is also the go-to platform if you want to witness weird stories.

Since its launch, we have noticed numerous bizarre trends and videos on the video-sharing app TikTok. If you are live on this platform, you might also have witnessed hundreds of conspiracy theories and weird stories.

In past, the stories like “Zombie Women”, Sea Mermaids, and time travelers had amassed millions of views on the app. Following these weird videos, a spooky video is currently going viral on TikTok. This video has baffled several users and they are unable to understand if it’s a true story or just another prank-playing on them.

Is The Floating Broom TikTok Video Real?

Image Of Is The Floating Broom TikTok Video Real

A TikTok video shared by an Amazon driver has puzzled millions of users. In the viral video uploaded on November 3, 2021, a spooky broom can be witnessed that is floating in the sky without any support.

The video creator Lucca, has rolled many follow-up videos to justify that the broom video was real and it was not edited.

Lucca, the Amazon driver goes by the username @theonenamedlucca on TikTok. He rolled the video along with the caption, “Somebody explain this?” “I am making deliveries and what is this, a floating broom?”

He flips the video to show the broom closely and it truly looks realistic. A floating broom, and we couldn’t spot anything attached to it. Could this video be a real one? Only Lucca knows this. However, he has explained several times that this is a real video and he hasn’t edited it.

In one of the follow-up videos, Lucca explained that he didn’t expect this video to go viral. This viral video has amassed over 3.2 million views so far.

In another video, Lucca claims that it could have been some sort of a “glitch in the matrix”, which is again something he isn’t sure about.

Later in the third video, the video creator explained that he was accompanied by a delivery man when they spotted the flying broom. This delivery man who was there with Lucca also captured the spooky broom but he later deleted the video.

Millions of users have enjoyed the video but they are unable to sort if the video was real or not.

Spooky Floating Broom Video

Image Of Spooky Floating Broom Video

The wondering users have given hilarious reactions to this viral video. People have poured thousands of comments into the comment box of this viral video and the majority of them have claimed it to be edited.

Here are some of the reactions given by TikTok users to this weird video.

One TikTok user wrote, “Was convinced it was just something stuck on his windshield, then homie hopped out the car.”

Another said, Well the Matric just glitched again”

While most users were convinced that the broom was tied to a wire or something, a user replied to all these people saying, “Where would the wire be connected to???? The Ozone????”

Whether the video was fake or real, the floating broom has amused millions of people from all around the world. Right after being uploaded on the app, this broom video has taken over the Foryou page.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the floating broom going viral on TikTok. What is your opinion about it? Is it a real video or Lucca is playing a prank on all of us? Let us know your answer in the below comment box.

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