Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? Debunked!

Fans of Ariana are shocked to see her flaunting a baby bump in one of the viral pictures. But is Ariana Grande really pregnant? We have gathered all the details surrounding this viral picture. Have a look!

From the very beginning internet users are really concerned about their favorite stars’ personal lives. Just recently, Netizens were sharing their opinions about Priyanka and Nick Jonas’s daughter and now they have started talking about Ariana’s pregnancy.

Considering their curiosity and excitement, we can say that Ariana’s fans are eager to see her as a mom. But is Ariana really pregnant? We don’t think so. The picture featuring Ariana flaunting a baby bump is not real. The celebrity has also revealed that she isn’t ready to start a family yet.

Let’s figure out what Ariana has to say about her viral picture.

Is Ariana Grande Really Pregnant?

Image Of Is Ariana Grande Really Pregnant

If you are an avid social media user, you might have come across a photoshopped picture of Ariana with a baby bump. The viral image suggests that Ariana is pregnant, and some users have even claimed that the picture is being shared by Ariana herself, however, this isn’t the truth.  We haven’t witnessed any such image of any of the social media handles of Ariana Grande.

Ever since the singer has tied the knot with Dalton Gomez in May 2021, fans are eager to listen to good news. So much so, they keep rolling photoshopped pictures of Ariana revealing that she is expecting.

Most of the time, Ariana herself comes forward to address such rumors. So, for now, we are sure that the famous singer is not expecting and it’s just an edited image that has made the users wonder.

Addressing the recurring pregnancy rumors Ariana revealed, “People really want me to be pregnant. They want it so bad. Every other week there’s, like, a pregnancy thing.”

This clearly states that Ariana has no such plans as of now. Another internal source of Ariana revealed, “Ariana is not in any rush to get pregnant and have kids with Dalton for at least a few years.”

We are really sorry to disappoint you again, but yes, again, no baby news now!

Is Ariana Grande’s Baby Bump Picture Real?

Image Of Is Ariana Grande’s Baby Bump Picture Real

A big NO, Ariana is not pregnant!

Even though Grande has shut down the pregnancy rumors several times, internet users keep sharing edited images of Ariana. This time again, it is an edited picture that has confused internet users.

However, these are some false pictures that are being shared with the aim to spread rumors.

To confirm the news several users have taken the false image to Twitter. Here is what users have Tweeted while sharing the image of Ariana with a baby bump.

“Can you all stop spending the rumor that Ariana Grande is pregnant SHE IS NOT”, said one user.

“So Ariana Grande is NOT pregnant??”, asked another.

Upon being asked about whether Ariana wants to start a family the singer said:

“Dreams of being a mother are something special that she would love to pursue a few years down the line, but she has a lot of work to still do professionally, and she is a workaholic.”

As revealed by The Distractify, Ari once said that she wants, 3 children eventually down the line”, while she was engaged to Pete Davidson.

Well, now she is married to Dalton Gomez, so her plans to start a family might have changed.

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Final Verdict

The answer to whether or not Ariana Grande is pregnant, the answer is NO. The singer hasn’t revealed any plans to start her family so far.

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