Cupcake Notification On Instagram — What Does It Mean?

Users on Instagram have reported a bizarre Cupcake notification that appears on their screen out of nowhere and then disappears. Unable to know the reason behind the notification, users have taken it to Twitter and several other social media platforms. If you are among the users who have encountered this glitch, here we have gathered all the available information about it.

The users primarily from the USA have taken it to Twitter to talk about a bizarre cupcake notification they are receiving on their Instagram accounts. This is a glitch that users have never experienced in the past.

To confirm whether they are the only ones receiving this notification, Instagram users have started asking their friends about the glitch on various social media platforms. As they have come to know that the issue is a widespread one, they have started pouring complaints on the bird app.

Here we have pieced together all the available details about this glitch and the possible solutions to get rid of it.

What Does Cupcake Notification Mean On Instagram?

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The users on Instagram are encountering a weird cupcake message on their favorite social media handle. The glitch was first reported by a user on 24th Jan 2022 and as of 25th Jan, thousands of users have complained about it.

The notification that looks more like a cupcake having Instagram’s colors — pink, purple, orange, and yellow, flashes on the screen while users randomly scroll on the platform.

Under the cupcake notification, the users also get to see a message that reads, ‘Not Now’. Users also have claimed that the message doesn’t disappear even after the users press the button.

Baffled by this rare notification, several users have taken it to Twitter and Facebook.

Talking about this random glitch one user wrote on Twitter, “Anyone else has a popup of a cupcake randomly show up on their Instagram or just me?”

Another user wrote, “Am I missing something…why did I get a random notification of a cupcake on Instagram.”

“Instagram gave me a cupcake and there’s no way to refuse it the not now button doesn’t work. Is this a threat? #itsnotevenmybirthday”, said another.

Sharing a picture featuring the cupcake glitch, another user wrote, “Looked like this…too many people getting hacked for this to not make sense”.

How To Get Rid Of The Cupcake Notification On Instagram?

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Although several users have talked about the glitch on various platforms, Instagram has not responded to the queries yet. It also hasn’t come up with any official fix so far. However, it seems to be a glitch.

The cupcake normally appears on Instagram when it is your birthday, but it might be an error following which the cupcake is appearing on random profiles this week.

Here we are providing the conventional fixes that might help you get rid of this glitch.

Number One: Re-launch Your Profile

Relaunch the app to check if the cupcake notification gets away. If not, go to the second possible fix below.

Number Two: Log out your account and log into the app again

In most of the cases logging out of Instagram and logging back helps get rid of issues. Check if it works for you. If it still doesn’t work, hop on to the next fix.

Number Three: Delete Your App

Delete your Instagram app and re-download it from the app store. The issue might prevail in outdated app versions, so install the latest version of the app.

Number Four: Restart your phone

You may also try your luck by restarting your phone. If none of these fixes work, wait for Instagram to resolve the issue.

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Bottom Line

This was all about what the Cupcake Notification On Instagram is and ways to fix it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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