Is Charli Quitting TikTok — Here’s All You Need To Know

After queen-ing over TikTok for more than a year Is Charli Quitting TikTok? Well, this is something that can only be answered by Charli. But what made her to think about quitting the video sharing platform? Want to know what exactly happened that made charli to think about leaving a massive followers count behind? Yes? Keep scrolling. This article will enlighten you with all the details related to this hot controversy.

TikTok has capacity to take you to the heights of sky, but if you don’t have courage to accept the critique then you may fall on the earth with the same speed you went up. Since its launch so many people on TikTok became famous and then they disappeared all of sudden.

While some are enjoying the continuous popularity. To stay firmly on this video sharing application, you have to come up with more creative content and you should also have guts to face the criticism. Social media users should also keep this in mind that their popularity isn’t forever. They are always at a risk, what if the platform gets banned? As it has happened with TikTok previously.

Currently, a similar case in going on TikTok as the queen of TikTok is said to be planning to quit the video sharing application. But is it true or just a rumor? Let’s check it out!

Charli, a 16 year old TikTok users has amassed 100 million followers on her TikTok account. She has gained all this spotlight in just one year, can you believe that? She joined the TikTok on May 2019 and in less than one year she gathered 50 million followers. Soon in November 2020, she reached a massive followers count of 100 million.

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Why Charli Is Quitting TikTok

Image Of Why Charli Is Quitting TikTok

The social media influencer has not confirmed the news yet but her fans have shown insecurities related to her mental health. It’s not easy for a 16 year old young girl to handle such a massive crowd. She has been criticized by users plenty of times.

In her recent video, Charli can be seen curling her hair. Though the video has amassed 24 million views, but most of her followers have claimed that she is lacking creative content now. Some of the users have said that she is running out of ideas and she doesn’t share fun content now. Some of her fans are begging the other users not to share negative comments, as she is lacking her energy and she doesn’t feel well.

One of her fan has commented saying ““it doesn’t feel the same anymore. She isn’t the happy and energetic Charli she was. Y’all need to fix this, hating is technically cyber bullying.”

After the news became viral on TiokTok, fans are begging her to stay while the haters are celebrating her departure. A user has begged her to stay using the following words, “Char please don’t go I know there are very bad people in the world but what are you going to do with the good ones with your fans you will leave us heartbroken I beg you don’t go”.

She got criticized for travelling to the Bahamas during Christmas, despite of encouraging her followers to abide by the COVID lockdown rules previously.

Charli isn’t much active on all of her social media platforms but she also has not responded to any of the comments related to her departure. May be she’s just having a break from social media. We can just hope that she gets back with the same energy.

Final words

There isn’t any legit answer to the question of Is Charli Quitting TikTok, because she has not responded to any of the comments yet. We just hope that she is having a break and we will be able to see her soon with the same energy.

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