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Are you a Korean Dramas fan and wondering to read the Amazing Rumor Webtoon for free? Are you curious to know about the cast and story of Amazing Rumor Webtoon? If yes, then you have opened the most relevant post. Keep reading and you will get to know about the thrilling strory of Amazing Rumor.

Korean Dramas have a separate fan base all around the world. Audience find these dramas different and new because Korean dramas offer content revolving around traditional values and also coping with the traditions of economically advanced and developed society.

Another factor that binds the audience to these Korean dramas is that the typical Korean dramas are based on maximum 16 episodes. They perfectly tell the whole story in a very short time span. They further create an emotional connection with viewers making them addictive towards the dramas.

Today in this article, we will talk about the famous drama Amazing Rumor Webtoon that has amasses huge popularity. Keep reading to know the full story.

Story Of Amazing Rumor Webtoon

Image Of Story Of Amazing Rumor Webtoon

The first teaser of Amazing Rumor was dropped on 18th October 2020. The starring crew includes Gugudan’s SeJeong, Jo Byung Gyu, Yeom Hye Ran, and Yoo Jung Sang. The drama is adaptation of Amazing Rumor which was a popular webtoon of 2018. It was written by JangYi. If you are searching for an interesting Korean drama to watch, then Amazing Rumor is leading the list.

Amazing Rumor Webtoon revolves around a group of people having special abilities of hunting down the evil spirits. This group is named as “Counters” and they start working as employees of a noodle restaurant to hide their identity.

Every member of counters crew has their special abilities. SeJeong is playing role of Do Hana,, she has the ability to hear, locate and guess evil spirits’ locations. She also has an ability to read memory of people when she touches them.

How To Read Amazing Rumor Webtoon Online

Byung Gyu is playing the role of So Moon, who is the youngest member of group having abilities of enhancing physical strength. He has a limp in his left leg caused by a car accident which took lives of his parents as well. So Moon plays the central role in Counters crew.

Hye Ran is playing the role of Chu Mae Ok, she is the anchor of group and the chef of noodle restaurant. She is the support system of counters group due to her healing abilities. Following this, JungSang is acting as Ga Mo Tak who is a former police officer. He also had an accident which caused memory loss. He is teacher to So Moon. Ga Mo Tak doesn’t stand injustices.

Amazing Rumor By Jang Yi

Image Of Amazing Rumor By Jang Yi

The drama has amassed a massive following from people because the starring crew includes the big actors of Korean drama industry. The cast crew has become more interesting when Choi Yoon Young was added to the list. In the Drama Yoon Young will play the role of a detective at a local police station. She has asked her fans to support the drama because she is playing a role she has never done before,

Being released in November 2020, the Amazing Rumor Webtoon has collected massive applauses from the audience. After the successful completion of season one, season two is ongoing. The drama has a lot more to explore so, we would suggest the readers to add this drama into their must watch drama list.

There are so many websites that allow you to read the full story online. All you have to do is a bit research and then you will also be able to watch the drama for free.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the Amazing Rumor Webtoon. Hope you have got ample information related to your favorite Korean drama. You can drop a comment in the below comment box for any further query.

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