Is Instagram Hacked? App Flooded With Spam Comments

Instagram users are quite concerned to know if their account is hacked or not. The fear occupies thousands as they are witnessing thousands of spam comments saying ‘Nah He Tweaking’. Let’s discover whether your Instagram account is hacked or not.

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, Instagram users have reported their Instagram accounts getting hacked. They have taken it to various social media platforms to discuss that they are unable to load any comments on their posts and those who are able to open are ending up seeing their comments box stormed with “Nah he Tweakin” comments. The users perceive “Nah he Tweakin” to be a spam comment and are looking for ways to secure their accounts.

If you are annoyed to see these spam comments on your feed, let’s find out whether it is a fleeting glitch or your Instagram account is hacked.

Why Is Instagram Spamming ‘Nah He Tweaking’ Comments?

Image Of Why Is Instagram Spamming ‘Nah He Tweaking’ Comments

Instagram users are anxious about the privacy of their favorite social media account, after they are receiving a flood of comments saying ‘Nah He Tweaking’. Not being able to fix the issue even after reinstalling the app, users have taken it to various social media platforms to express their concerns.

Well, if you are worried about any sort of privacy breach, you don’t have to worry more. To address the concerns of its users, Instagram has addressed the issue in a hilarious way. This is what the recent statement from Instagram reads, “Yeah we tweakin, but only a little bit. We’re aware that some people are having issues loading their comments (we’re fixing that) and that some are seeing a bunch of comments saying “Nah he tweakin” (what is that?). More soon!”

It means that your Instagram accounts are safe as it was just a temporary glitch. The app has claimed to fix the issue very soon. So, we hope you will get rid of these spam comments.

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Instagram’s Spam ‘Nah He Tweaking’ Comments Explained

Image Of Instagram’s Spam ‘Nah He Tweaking’ Comments Explained

As Instagram has clarified that the app isn’t hacked but some users are facing a temporary glitch, users have taken a sigh of relief. Now, you must be thinking about what this comment means and why is viral on the photo-sharing app? Well, it is just a meme trend that is taking over the internet right now.

The phrase, ‘Nah He Tweaking’ is addressed by the Urban Dictionary. According to the Urban Dictionary, the spam comment ‘Nah He Tweaking’ means ‘saying something that doesn’t make sense and is something stupid’.

This phrase was initially used by Lil Nas X in an Instagram comment. After a post saying Tony Hawk has released a line of skateboards that contained his blood went viral. Lil Nas addressed this post and wrote, “Nah he tweakin”. By writing this phrase, he means that the skateboards do not contain any blood. Whether or not people believed this news, the comment made by Lil reached every social media platform in a blink of an eye.

Although Instagram is already looking into the issue, but users are annoyed to witness this recurring glitch. Some users have expressed their concerns over Twitter, saying:

 “Hello, I am a regular and honest user of Instagram and Fb. But my account ha.rsh7282 is disabled and so that my FB is disabled. Why ?? I don’t know why. Plz, restore my account Back. That is my one and only account and the oldest one with many memory. Back it to me Plz”

Another user wrote, Quick question: Why has it’s been more than a month and I keep having issues with my comments, stories, and post?”

Last words

This was all about the spam comment ‘Nah He Tweaking’ that has tricked people into believing that their Instagram accounts are being hacked. Hopefully, Instagram will soon remove this glitch.

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