Who Is Kubra Dogan — Turkish TikToker Passed Away

The 23-year-old, Turkish TikToker Kubra Dogan has passed away after falling from a rooftop in Istanbul. Let’s find out who Kubra Dogan is and how she became popular on the video-sharing app.

As TikTok users were still mourning over the loss of their favorite stars John Kelly, Timbotheredneck, and Nazar Muhammad, a piece of unfortunate news has again spread on the app. This time, users are mourning the death of a 23-year-old Turkish TikToker Kubra Dogan.

According to the initial reports, the TikToker was filming content when she suddenly fell off the rooftop. She was reportedly visiting her cousin when the incident took place. The young girl took her last breath right after falling from the roof. Although, the emergency services were called, but poor Kubra Dogan had already passed.

How Did Kubra Dogan Die

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With each passing day, we come to know unfortunate news on the video-sharing app. TikTok users losing their lives for the sake of creating content has become unbearable now. Take the example of the recent incident where two content creators were shot dead in a drive-by shooting. A group of TikTok users was attempting the Milk Crate Challenge when this unfortunate incident took place.

Following this incident, Kubra Dogan’s death has now become the talk of the town. Kubra has also lost her life while attempting to shoot a video. According to the initial reports, Kubra went to meet her 16-year-old cousin Helen at the family’s Istanbul apartment complex.

Then, Helen and Kubra decided to shoot a video and they went to the rooftop. Reports have claimed that the duo was trying to take advantage of lighting from the sunset mainly known on social media as the ‘Golden Hour”.

While filming the content, Kubra stepped onto a grey covering, that suddenly ripped and the 23-year-old TikToker ended up on the ground. The 16-year-old cousin Helen, has reportedly shot the whole incident.

As soon as the incident took place, the emergency services were called but sadly Kubra had already passed. According to the family members, the incident occurred at around 7:30 PM.

Kubra has reportedly fallen from the 9th floor and her cousin has captured this horrific incident.

Did Kubra Dogan Really Die?

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According to her family sources, the young TikToker has passed away on Friday, 23rd August 2021. As reported by “The Daily Mail”, Kubra’s uncle Nebi Dogan has plans to sue the contractor.

While talking about the ‘flimsy’ paneling, Kubra’s uncle said, “We will not let him go. As soon as the girl puts her foot down, [the panel] breaks and she falls to the ground from the ninth floor.”

He further added that they cautioned the duo about the threats as they were planning to go on the rooftop to film the content. He said, “We warned them, but they did not obey.”

Kubra’s body will be laid to rest in her hometown of Midyat in the Mardin province of Turkey.

Hearing about this heartbreaking incident, users on TikTok are talking about the safe ways to film social media content. There also are many other incidents that took place just because of not addressing the risks attached with certain activities involved in creating content.

Many TikTok users have lost their lives for filming the content while they were driving. TikTok users are also seen overspeeding the vehicles just for the sake of filming content. Several other users have attempted various bizarre and risky challenges and have ended their lives.

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Final Thought

This was all about who Kubra Dogan is and how she has passed away. Hopefully, TikTok users will consider such stories as a warning and will be vigilant while creating content for their social media accounts.

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