Is Jackie Chan Dead? Debunked

Fans of Jackie Chan are concerned as news of his death is going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. So, is Jackie Chan really dead? We have debunked the Twitter news here in this article.

It has been a scary day for the fans of Jackie Chan as news regarding their favorite star’s death is circulating on the bird app. Jackie Chan; the Chinese actor is followed by millions of people from every corner of the world.

He also is a well-known martial artist and is best known among his fans for his stunts. Among all his films, the roles that most of his fans loved are Rush Hour, a 1998 movie, The Karate Kid a 2010 film, and The Foreigner released in 2017.

Having been in the industry for more than seven decades, Jackie is among the highest-paid actors of the time. His fans consider him a treasure and they cherish his presence in this world.

However, recent unfortunate news has shattered his fans but most fans believe Jackie Chan is not dead and he is still alive. Here we have found all the details about, whether or not it is a rumor.

Is Jackie Chan Really Dead?

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Well, the answer to whether Jackie Chan is dead is ‘No’. A Big NO!

Jackie Chan, the 67-year-old actor is alive; it was just another social media hoax that has created the panic.

This is not the first time social media users have spread rumors about the actor’s passing. In fact, it has now become a tradition for social media users to spread death hoaxes.

Similar claims that revealed Jackie Chan’s passing were spread on social media in the year 2020 and 2021. As always the current death hoax of Jackie Chan has fooled everyone on Twitter and several other social media platforms.

As soon as this fake news was spread on social media, users rushed to figure out if it was a rumor or legitimate news.

Is Jackie Chan’s Death Rumor True?

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Reports about Jackie Chan’s passing began on Twitter on Thursday (March 10th).  It all started when a Twitter account titled Toxic Laker Fan, shared a picture of the actor along with the caption, “Jackie Chan peacefully passed by a store in Koreatown, NYC today at 63,”

Following this rumor, several fans rushed to check the authenticity of this news. Here are some notable tweets made by his fans followed by this death hoax.

One user wrote, “I’m hearing that Jackie Chan died???”

Another inquired, “Jackie Chan died today ????”

A third user Tweeted, “My fault y’all for the false alarm, I really thought Jackie Chan died, they got me.”

It’s ok it’s hoax news thank God I can’t take any more news of deaths!, wrote another.

So, long story short, Jackie is not dead! He is alive and enjoying good health.

As per IMDB, Jackie Chan is still acting and he will appear in some upcoming projects. As reported by the website, some of his upcoming projects include, Ride On, Project X-Traction, Once Upon a Zodiac, and Five Against a Bullet.

Very few of his fans are aware that he also is a producer, some of his upcoming production we are going to witness in 2022 are The Diary, Project X-Traction, and Home Operation.

Some other productions of this popular actor that are set to be rolled this year include, Five Against a Bullet, Jackie Chan: Down to Earth, and Once Upon a Zodiac.

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The Last Words

Well, this was all about whether or not Jackie Chan is dead. According to the available information, he is alive and enjoying his health. Hopefully, we are been able to answer all your queries.

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