Fruity Meaning On TikTok — Explored

A new slang term ‘Fruity’ is being used on TikTok and some users are unable to get its meaning. If you are among these users, here is everything you need to know about the meaning of fruity on TikTok.

Ever since TikTok is being launched on the internet we have come across thousands of slang terms and acronyms. Although these shorthands are the smartest tools to keep our conversations easy and private, they are great trouble for those who have just joined the app. Alongside the TikTok newbies, slang terms and acronyms are great trouble for the millennials as well.

These secret terms are often created by Gen Z and the latest generation has now created a whole new dictionary of acronyms. A recent addition to the long long list of these TikTok acronyms is ‘Fruity’.

Considering the confusion around this viral acronym, we have explored all the possible meanings of this word here in this article. Let’s begin!

What Is The Meaning Of Fruity On TikTok?

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The slang term ‘Fruity’ is being extensively used on TikTok these days but this is not a new one. It has remained on social media platforms for so long now.

In most of the scenarios, this term is used to refer to someone belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. You might find it offensive, but this acronym is being reclaimed by the gay community on TikTok as well.

The reason why this term is getting popular on the video-sharing app is that the TikTok user Mattie (@westbrouck) mentioned the term in one of their viral videos. As this term is being used on TikTok by famous creators, it getting immensely popular on apps.

Here is how users are using this slang term in their daily conversations:

One user wrote, “When did we agree as a society that straight people can say fruit just saw someone call harry styles a fruity man?? That’s a straight man with a stylist TikTok be silent!”

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Fruity on Internet?

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Here is how Urban Dictionary has defined this viral term.

According to the first definition provided by Urban Dictionary, Fruity means “When someone says something a Lil bit gay, but not gay enough to be gay g a y.
Ares: No homo but I would open my ass cheeks for you
Bob: No homo but you’re like my best best friend in the world and I could kiss you right now
All of us collectively: Dats kinda fruity doe”.

The second definition provided by the Urban Dictionary says:

“Fruity is a word used to describe somebody as being gay or suspicion of being gay

“Bruh Aaron is hella fruity, I saw him staring at men’s a*s”

Another example of fruity provided by the Urban Dictionary:

You’re fruity and you know it bestie”.

“Someone who acts gay, but they aren’t gay enough to be gay.
Like, they might do things considered gay, but they aren’t actually homosexual
“Holy shit, Marco is so fruity. He said that he might give someone head just because he is curious how it would be like, wtf”

Fruity can also be used, “When someone acts or does something gay”.

Example: “Hey Ben you are acting fruity”.

Alongside TikTok, this viral slang has taken over Twitter as well. Here is how a Twitter user used this term in their Tweet,

“Behind the scene The Devil Judge; Yohan and gaon being suspicious fruity partners source from TikTok”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the meaning of fruity on TikTok is and how it has gone viral on social media. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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