Is Ralts Shiny In Pokemon Go? Explained

The players of Pokemon Go have now entered the second week of Season of Light, and with it has come some new weekly events. It also includes Ralts Spotlight Hour and players are wondering to if Ralts can be shiny in Pokemon Go. If you are among the players wondering to know all the details about Ralt before the Spotlight hour begins, we have got you covered. Here is all you need to know about whether or not Ralt is Shiny in Pokemon Go.

The approaching Pokemon Go events follow Munna Spotlight hour which was the first event for Season of lights. Munna Spotlight hour was also the first of the back-to-back events that featured Psychic Pokemon, even though another most-awaited event Psychic Spectacular was also coming closer.

Besides the Spotlight Hour that is all set to take place today, players are going to witness two more such events in the current month. These events are expected to feature the Steel-type Pokemon Aron and the Normal-type Pokemon Minccino.

Though the upcoming few weeks are going to be so exciting, but before that let’s get our attention back to this week’s event. Let’s figure out whether or not Ralts is shiny in the Spotlight hour Pokemon Go and all the available bonuses and rewards. Keep reading!

What Is The Spotlight Hour For Ralts?

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The Ralts Spotlight Hour is all set to hit the screens on Tuesday, 13th of September 2022. As per the local time, this event will take place at 6 Pm.

During the event, players will get an extra XP bonus for every Pokemon they catch. It means that this event is going to be an excellent opportunity for the players to level up by cracking an egg.

Now, the question is, will Ralts be shiny during the Spotlight hour? Well, the answer is yes! Fortunately, this Feeling Pokemon had remained available in Pokemon Go for quite a long now.

 The Feeling Pokemon Ralts was first introduced on a Ralts Community Day that took place on August 18, 2019. So, it has now been more than three years since when this Pokemon was made available for the players.

During the same time, three more Pokemon, Kirlia, Gardevior, and Gallade were made available as Shiny Pokemon inside the game.

Nonetheless, quite similar to every Spotlight Hour, Ralts will not have a boosted shiny rate. It translates that it will not be easy for the players to capture one. If you really want to capture the Shiny Pokemon, you will be required to click as many times as possible because the rate currently stands at around one in 500.

Ralts Spotlight Hour Date And Bonuses

Image Of Ralts Spotlight Hour Date And Bonuses

As far as the appearance of a Shiny Ralt is concerned, it will be unmistakable when compared to its normal form. Instead of having green-covered faces, the Shiny Ralts will appear to have their faces covered with something blue. However, it will retain its horns but will be in a slightly lighter shade of red.

All the Ralts will be following the same pattern, they will all turn into a different shade of blue. Players are quite excited to attend this concert full of Shiny Ralts. And they all are also enthusiastic to earn double XP and level up.

The players have taken it to Twitter to talk about the approaching event, and they believe that it is going to be so much exciting.

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The Last Words

This was all about the Ralts Spotlight Hour and whether or not Ralts will be shiny during this Pokemon Go event. Hopefully, we have provided all the available information about this exciting event.

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