John Vuli Gate Challenge: A Challenge Brining Holiday Mode

Social media is a great way to showcase the versatility and natural talent of people around the world, whether it’s through dancing, singing, comedy, or any other form of entertainment.

Social media of course has played a number of dance challenges.  From the “Sister Bethina” dance challenge to the internationally recognized “Jerusalema” – we’re always on the lookout for the next best dance move. John Vuli gate challenge has almost left every dance behind and trending itself as number 1.

The users of social media immediately become a part of a huge global activity that so many others are in on, too. Beyond completing the hashtag challenges, there is also a strong sense of community that is forged here. Of course, users who enjoy watching videos of these online challenges also play a huge part in them going viral. As more people watch and engage, popularity, and eventually notoriety grows, too.

There are many possible reasons why these dance challenges catch on so quickly. It could be because people love to dance. Dancing is also a social activity, and online dance challenges allow people to dance together. A level of confidence matters about as much as his or her skill level, and the fact that anyone can join in plays on that sense of belonging that many want to take part in. Viral dance videos are simply fun to watch.

What Is John Vuli Gate Challenge?

When we talk about dance challenges South Africa remains at the top always. Because the continent is showing a diversified culture, versatile dance and traditions.  One of the more fun and vibrant entertainment is dance of Africa.  They prove their worth over and over again with doing various dance challenges.

John vuli gate challenge is a dance challenge that went viral yesterday. It is buzzing social media with excitement and fun. Trending on Twitter, the challenge is causing quite a stir and is already putting everyone on holiday mode.

The amapiano song, “John Vuli Gate” by Mapara A Jazz Ft. Ntosh Gaz & Colano, is having Mzansi do their best rendition of the challenge with participants shaking their hips and bums. everyone in the holiday mode.

Reaction of Ladies to John Vuli Gate Challenge?

John vuli gate got started when a group of five girls kwaMhlanga In Mpumalanga danced on it and shared the video. The challenge has so in the trend that after a few span of time it gained traction of many more ladies .

“I can’t keep up with Mzansi. We are trying to learn the Tumelo dance and now there’s JOhn vuli gate”. A Lady tweeted.

Anyway, i am definitely participating in this one. I just need a little practice.” Lahle Mnguni tweeted.

Even men enjoyed alot seeing ladies dance on John Vuli gate. Kabelo mathibedi tweeted” this is the day that the lord made, my day at work has been very pleasant. Thank you ladies, please don’t stop”.

You can click here to watch another dance challenge :Jerusalema Dance Challenge

The challenge went so viral that men could not stop themselves participating in the challenge. But men did not do what ladies did. Dance by ladies look so pleasant in the eyes of people. Ntsako tweeted “Can we please let our ladies have fun on our timeline. What kind of men shake their bum and call themselves  an entire “stocko” come on gent”.

Image of John Vuli Gate Challenge


Trending on Twitter, the challenge is causing quite a stir. When it comes to dance ladies go more on top than men. As a matter of fact ladies remain always talented in this regard. Ladies make TikTok and twitter buzzed with fun and joy and they put everyone on holiday mode. Download john Vuli gate from john Vuli gate mp3 download fakaza and bring your dance element out. 

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