Hair by Chrissy TikTok is Under Fire for Not Wearing Masks

In this article, we will discuss Hair by Chrissy TikTok. Which is the talk of the town on the internet for some bad reasons. People who don’t know, Habit Salon which is a very famous hair salon run by owner Chrissy Rasmussen are facing backlash online for not obeying California’s mask rules.

As you may know, on TikTok anything can become a trend. TikTok is used by more than 800 million active users all over the world. TikTok is one of the most famous short video-sharing social media platforms. And it is mainly used by the young generation.

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Why Hair by Chrissy TikTok is Under Fire?

In recent days, many social media users have found out that in the videos shared by the Famous Salon hairstylists are working without wearing masks. In this pandemic as everyone is forced by law to wear masks in public places, how come that this hair salon stuff is not wearing masks at all.

The main thing is, many of the clients of Habit Salon are influencers and TikTok stars and in the videos, the people have seen them without masks.

Habit Salon has started its operations in 1997. And it is a set of Hair-styling studios which is offering haircuts, colors, and more. It has a Facebook page that is run by owner Chrissy Rasmussen. Most of the time she works with social media stars at both her original Arizona Salon and her new salon in Los Angeles, California.

On TikTok, Rasmussen is famous for the name Hair_Chrissy which has more than 1.5 million followers. On this account, they mostly share the videos of their clients before and after the haircut. So far it is not confirmed, whether the account is run by the owner are any employee of the salon.

Hair by Chrissy Reviews

After posting the videos of the Salon regular operations on TikTok with stuff and clients not wearing masks. It has annoyed many of its followers on this social media application.

Therefore, many of the TikTok users had made different videos. In videos they had shown them wearing masks incorrectly and pretending to get hairstyles from the salon to mock them.

Other users had said that they are going to report the violation of California’s mask rule to the concerned authorities.

On Twitter, many of the users also pointed out the rule violation by the famous salon staff and its clients.

One wrote, “Hair by Chrissy at it again in Los Angeles with her salon at full capacity, no masks or social distancing and not a hand sanitizing in sight.”

Another one Twitted, “The contact tracer assigned to all Hair by Chrissy related cases.”

As well as, Many people had also criticized the location for not complying with mask rules on Habit Salon Yelp Page. The recent videos had ignited the social media users. So, many users specially visit this site to give their review on the yelp page.

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The response of Habit Salon’s Owner On Backlash from the Social Media Users

After many unfavorable reviews on the yelp page and social media platforms, Habit Salon and Rasmussen have not made any comments publicly on not using a mask in their workplace. They have seemingly acknowledged the criticism they had received.

However, on Twitter one of the users has pointed out that the Hairby_Chrissy TikTok account liked comments on their videos that sarcastically said: “I love Your Mask” among all.


In this time of the global pandemic, it is necessary for everyone to follow the SOPs. The famous Habit Salon is receiving great criticism for not obeying California’s mask rule. Many of the social media have appealed to the authorities to take the action against it. And some have reviewed it negatively. Therefoe, it is necessary for everyone to wear mask at every public place.

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