Justchesslee’s Gym Video Goes Viral On TikTok

Justchesslee’s Gym Video has gone viral on the video-sharing app, which features a man bothering Chelsie Gleason while she is doing a workout in the gym. Here is more about Chelsie Gleason and the harasser.

On TikTok, you may mostly find weird videos but there are also some cases, where the TikTok videos have revealed the ugly face of our society. From rap cases to murder cases and videos featuring harassment, you will find plenty of videos that address several social issues.

Recently, we have also witnessed TikTok users helping security agencies in solving numerous criminal cases. After being addressed on this social media platform, hundreds of culprits have got the punishment they deserved.

A similar case of harassment was reported on TikTok, as Chelsie Gleason uploaded a video featuring a guy misbehaving to her while she was doing the workout in the gym. The video has become immensely popular and users have given strong reactions to it. Here’s more about this harassment case.

Chelsie Gleason Gym Video

Image Of Chelsie Gleason Gym Video

Justchesslee’s Gym Video is making rounds on the internet as users on TikTok have stood up in her support. The video has amassed over 18 million views so far which is quite huge. As soon as the video went viral on the app, police have taken action against the harasser.

According to some recent reports, the guy who tried to misbehave with Chelsie Gleason in the gym has ended up behind the bars. The reports further revealed that he is being banned from the gym as well. However, the identity of this guy is not revealed yet.

The viral features Chelsie working out in the gym while the man approaches her and speaks something. Due to the background noise, we could not figure out what he was saying neither was CHELSIE GLEASON sure about what he said. Chelsie couldn’t listen to what he was saying because she had her earphones on.

In the later part of the video, the man can be seen leaving before coming too close to her. As he tries to approach her, she moves back and yells at him saying “Don’t come near me”. Chelsie uploaded the video along with the caption, “Being a female is fun.”

TikTok users do not seem happy with whatever happened with Chelsie in the gym. They have applauded her for sharing the video on TikTok and sending the culprit behind the bars.

Justchesslee’s Gym Video TikTok

Image Of Justchesslee’s Gym Video TikTok

Following the initial video, Chelsie rolled some more videos explaining the whole incident. In these following videos, she revealed that the guy is now in the prison and that he also has been banned from the gym.

In the first video, she explains that she met that guy in the gym and initially she found him a nice guy. But soon, his behavior started changing and he made several wild claims about people.

Chelsie further said that the guy even alleged that “Taylor Swift was having his baby”. He called Chelsie, traitor” and a “b***h”. The situation remained the same until Chelsie decided to take it to TikTok.

In one another video, Chelsie extended her gratitude towards all the people who supported her. She further revealed that, after that guy was arrested, the police exposed that “he had an outstanding warrant against him for stalking another girl in the past”.

The identity of this guy is kept private for now.  But the good news is, he has got the punishment he deserved.

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Bottom Line

This was all about Justchesslee’s Gym Video that went viral on the video-sharing app recently. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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