Why TikTok Users Are Rubbing Under Their Tongue? Explored

A recent trend involves TikTok users rubbing under their tongue and thousands of video creators are hopping into the trend to find what’s special about it. If you are below 18 the content here might not be appropriate for you so, so give this article a pass.

TikTok has become the hub of weirdest experiments and realizations. With each passing day, users come up with a bizarre idea, and the rest of the audience follow it out of curiosity; hence it becomes a viral trend.

Something similar is currently happening on TikTok as a few users have rolled some short videos rubbing under their tongue. As soon as the initial videos of this bizarre action went viral, thousands of other users have attempted it and recorded their reactions. If you are confused about what exactly rubbing under one’s tongue means, here is everything you need to know.

What Happens When You Rub The Bottom Of Your Tongue?

Image Of What Happens When You Rub The Bottom Of Your Tongue

A bizarre trend that involves TikTok users rubbing under their tongue has gone viral on the Chinese video-sharing app. The trend showcases content creators filming themselves while rubbing under their tongue. The trend follows a signature soundtrack rolled by a TikToker named Vinnie (@vhackerxeditz).

Several TikTok stars including Jordyn Jones (@jordynjones), Julie Visnes (@julieevisnes), and Caroline Lewis (@carollewwho) have participated in the trend, hence the trend has become even more popular.

Now, why is the trend blowing up? And why are people rubbing under their tongue? As revealed by some TikTok users who have participated in the trend, “the sensation of touching your tongue has a similar texture to a specific male body part”.

Some video creators have chosen to rub the tip of their tongue while the majority of people are gently rubbing the lower half of the tongue.

Most of the TikTok users have participated in the trend out of curiosity, but in the end, they are left shocked. Many participants of this trend have revealed that they were not expecting to feel this way. However, the results have shocked most of the video creators.

Some users who haven’t talked about the results have revealed it through their expressions. Other trend followers have wished that they had minded their business.

TikTok User Rubbing Under Their Tongue

Image Of TikTok User Rubbing Under Their Tongue

Although thousands of popular content creators have participated in this viral trend, below we have discussed some of the videos that became immensely popular.

A TikTok content creator named Caroline Lewis (@carollewwho), participated in the trend while filming her reaction. She uploaded this clip on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. The caption read, “I cannot believe this, I refuse.”

The video showcases her rubbing the bottom of her tongue using her right pinky. In the end, she starts laughing at the screen which indicates that she might have felt some similarities.

Similarly, another TikTok content creator Paris Jolien (@paris_jolien), hopped into the trend and tried rubbing her tongue. After a few seconds of rubbing her tongue, she flashes a smile, nods her head, and waves her hand at the camera. This again gives us a signal that she also had found some similarities.

Some other users have different reactions to the trend. Julie Visnes took to it the platform to share her experience as a lesbian woman who took part in this trend.

The caption of her video reads, “Lesbians after trying this trend”. After trying the trend she can be heard saying “I don’t really get it, to be honest”. She further added, “I thought they were playing the violin. That’s what I thought they did.”

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Bottom Line

This was all about Why TikTok Users Are Rubbing Under Their Tongue. Hopefully, the trend makes sense to you now? What’s your stance on this trend? Let us know in the below comment box.

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