Kelly Bates Is Fired By NBC10 — All Details Provided

In some recent social media posts, Kelly Bates has revealed that she is being fired by NBC10 and her long journey with the station has ended. The Meteorologist announced the news yesterday from her social media handles.

In a tearful video shared over TikTok, Kelly Bates talked about her 20-year journey with the station. Kelly revealed that she was employed by the station in 1995 and she remained with the same station to date.

Fans have shared their displeasure over the decision and a petition has even started to support the meteorologist. The petition states, “Tell WJAR — NBC 10 that unless they return Kelly Bates to her normal Meteorological time slots and renew her FULL-TIME contract, we will no longer be WJAR — NBC 10 viewers.”

Here is more about the famous meteorologist and her long journey with NBC10.

Why Is Kelly Bates Fired

Image Of Why Is Kelly Bates Fired

After being fired by NBC 10, Kelly Bates has taken it to TikTok and other social media platforms. In a tearful video, Kelly revealed that she is no longer employed by the station she used to work for the last 17+ years.

Kelly discussed the matter in her recent video saying, “Since 1995 I have been broadcasting the weather in New England, the past 17 plus years at the same station. Today my career ended.”

As soon as the video was posted on social media, it has spread like a wildfire and fans have expressed their displeasure over the matter. They have also started a petition that asks the employer to renew her full-time contract else they would no longer be WJAR.

Kelly Bates has also taken it to her Twitter account and announced the ending of her journey. In a Tweet made on September 7, she wrote,

“So friends, this is it. I wanted to let you know that I am no longer employed by NBC10 Thank you for everything over the nearly 20 years of having the privilege of being a trusted person in the community. It has been one hell of a ride!”

Kelly Bates Shared Shocking News With Fans

Image Of Kelly Bates Shared Shocking News With Fans

As soon as the announcement was made by Kelly, fans have extended their help. In more than 24 hours, the tweet made by Kelly was able to garner over 1.5K hearts and 765 comments.

Seeing the overwhelming response from her fans Kelly has thanked her TikTok fam for “trusting” her and for all the nice things people have said in support of the announcement made online. She has further stated that the petition and all related support might not help now.

While she “can’t wait to see what’s next”, she explained that she requires a minute to breathe. Following the announcement, a fan asked Kelly whether or not she will be on another channel. To this Kelly replied, “As a 49-year-old round woman, it’s safe to say my television career is done.”

Following this reply, fans started to inquire if her age was the reason she was fired. To this, Kelly confirmed that the station didn’t inform her about any such thing “at all”.

She further added, “Knowing what I do about this business, there is no station who would hire me. It’s fact. Sad and wrong, but fact. I have hope for the next generation of ladies in weather.”

Fans are not happy with the decision made by NBC 10 and they are trying their best to support Kelly in this crucial time.

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Final Thoughts

This is all about when and why Is Kelly Bates Fired By NBC10. Hopefully, you have got all the available information you needed to know. What is your outlook on this decision made by NBC 10? Let us know in the comment box.

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