Alexandra Blankenbiller Died: TikTok User Passed Away

The followers of Alexandra Blankenbiller, a TikTok influencer are devastated as the star has died of Covid. Fans and her family is mourning the sudden demise of young Alexandra Blankenbiller.

We are coming across some devastating news recently from TikTok. From Timbo The Red Neck to John Kelly and Kubra Dogan, we have lost some young and talented influencers in a month. The recent influencer to breathe her last is Alexandra Blankenbiller who has died battling the Coronavirus.

After being diagnosed with Covid-19, Alexandra Blankenbiller was hospitalized as her health was deteriorating. The influencer shared her experiences in the hospital with her TikTok followers. After rolling out a video explaining she wasn’t anti-vaccine, the TikTok content creator has passed away.

Who Was Alexandra Blankenbiller

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Alexandra Blankenbiller was a 31-year-old TikTok content creator who had garnered 15 thousand followers on her TikTok handle. The content creator was diagnosed with Covid and she was hospitalized for not being able to fight the deadly virus.

 The star kept sharing her experiences with the deadly virus while in hospital. In her last video, she urged all her followers to take the Corona shots and claimed she was not anti-vaccine. Alexandra rolled her last video on 16th August and the star passed away nine days later.

While explaining the reason behind not getting her Covid shots, Alexandra confirmed that she was not “anti-vax” but she was “just trying to do [her] research.” In her final video, Alexandra Blankenbiller addressed her TikTok fam saying,

“I do think it was a mistake, I shouldn’t have waited. If you are even 70% sure you want the vaccine, go get it. Don’t wait. Go get it. Because hopefully if you get it, then you won’t end up in the hospital like me.”

As reported by WebMD, Alex and her family had made appointments to get their shots but the influencer fell ill before their appointment dates. Alex battled the deadly virus with all her vigor but she got the worst of it.

She was hospitalized at Orange County Medical Centre from where she shared several videos revealing how difficult it was for her to survive. According to WebMD, her family was not also allowed to visit her until they received a call explaining nothing more could be done for her.

How Did Alexandra Blankenbiller Die

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As Alex has passed away at such a young age, her family and fans are left in awe. While talking about Alex’s personality, her sister Rachel explained she was a “selfless” person and her final videos made it quite obvious. Rachel further said that Alex’s last videos revealed how “selfless” she was as he was trying to help people even in the last days of her life. She was concerned about each of her followers’ health hence she was urging them to get the vaccine at their earliest.

Speaking about Alexandra, Rachel further said, “She found beauty in everything and everyone. She loved people without judgment. Regardless of whether you wanted her love or not, you’d get it.”

The director of Alex’s local Capella group, Alec Hadden said, “She cared deeply about helping others, and I think it was that compassion for others that drove her to try and educate people through her final few videos.”

Alexa’s followers are also expressing their sorrow over the sudden demise of their favorite content creator. They are extending their condolences and prayers over various social media platforms.

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Last Words

Though Alexandra Blankenbiller Died of the deadly virus, she didn’t give up on educating her followers till her last breath. She also showed how important it is for all of us to get vaccinated.

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