KOF Event Mobile Legends: An Indepnece Day Gift for ML Players

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Mobile Legends, is the E-sports, Fan Art, Events, and Comics providing platform. It has come up with a new event in collaboration with King of Fighters named MLBB X KOF Card Flip Event. The famous name is KOF Event Mobile Legends.

In this event, participants will be able to play a mini-game in which they will flip a card. When any participant succeeds to pair a correct card, then they will get a Free skin from the game.

When you will start for the first time, there will be 5 free attempts in the 1st round, 4 free attempts for the 2nd round, and 3 free attempts for the 3rd round.

The Mobile Legend KOF Event date is still going on and it is going to expire on 7th September 2020.

What is KOF Event Mobile Legends?

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If you are a Brazilian this Event is an independence day gift for you from the game developer name Moonton. To celebrate the independence day in full swing with free multiple skins of the game. So in short this ML KOF event country is Brazil only.

It is also available for those who are not in Brazil, although via a long route. If you want to get the free trials, you have to stay at your home and get your VPN activated. Be part of the event and get free skin for the game.

For sure this event is not for only Brazilians. Some other events are planned for other Latin American countries. If you are from Latin America check on the Mobile Legends server and be ready for the event to get free games.

How to Participate in KOF Event MLBB 2020?

To do all this, you will have to spend diamonds. Then you will be given tickets for a draw. Participants from countries other than Brazil need to get VPN downloaded first. After downloading, then it should be activated accurately.

After Activation of VPN, go to the country section of the tool and select Brazil. If you are using Panda, then tap on the first server that would be Sao- Paulo and connect its KOF Event server. Advertising video appears and you can`t skip it if you are using an unpaid version.

Then go to the game and open it, wait for a while until it is loading and after a short time it will start. If it is taking a long time, then it is due to the VPN or there might be a connection problem from your side. The game will run as fast as the stronger is the network connection.

Another important thing, if there is any problem with the network, then reconnect the VPN and try again until it gets through for you. After starting if you don`t see the KOF Event Mobile Legend 2020 then got to the in-game setting, in there go to Network Management and clear the Cache.

Then enter into the game, there you will see a notification “Bonus for Independence Day, Draw Epic Show Skin for Free.” To start it, just tap on the ‘Go’ option and here you are entering into the Event.

Share the event on social media by entering into share the event option. To avail the offer, you have to make a recharge. Once the recharge is done play a brawl with any of the friends on the gameplay. You will get up to nine draws when once you did get to the diamond.

Mobile Legends Country List

The good news for Latin America Mobile Legends Fans is that the country list includes many Latin American Countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and many more.

The mobile legends list will help further to get the details regarding who can get to this offer. As we have mentioned earlier you can use VPN from various other countries to avail of this opportunity.

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