A Sneak-Peak into KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review

The wait is soon going to over for the viewers who are waiting for the sequel of KGF Chapter 1. Yes, KGF Chapter 2 is going to release this year in October. Through this article, I will try to put forward a nice KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review.

KGF Chapter 2 movie — a Kannada-language historical drama and action film with Yash is the lead role and Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in the antagonist role.

Prashanth Neel is the writer and director of the film. Another lead role will be played by Raveena Tandon (another top actress from Bollywood) who will play the role of a government official.

 To make the film available to a larger audience in India, authorities have dubbed it in Hindi, Malayam, Tamil and Hindi language.

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Reviews

Plot of KFG Chapter 1

Before getting into KGF Chapter 2 reviews, let’s have a glimpse of its prequel and draw some connections. So, KGF Chapter 1 narrates the story of power, crime, and slavery surrounding the Kolar Gold Fields (KFG) in the district of Karnataka.

The story also centers around the character Raja Krishnappa Bairya called “Rocky”, who comes to Mumbai at the age of 10 in the desire of getting wealthy and powerful. Due to his extreme talent and fearlessness, he becomes right hand of Shetty (a gold dealer).

Attracted by his talent, Andrews offers him the authority over the whole Mumbai in return for the murder of Garuda (the heir of KFG after the death of his paralysed father Suryavardhan).

Rocky accepts this offer and makes his way into KFG. There he witnesses the dire condition of slaves and the brutality against them. He becomes hero in the eyes of slaves by standing up for their rights.

Rocky at last gets successful in assassination of Garuda inside the KFG. The intentional purpose of Rocky to kill Garuda inside KFG was to win the will of so many slaves in order to seize the control of the KFG.

Positive sides

The film was grandly shot which is the first noticeable thing. The camera work along with its angles is also commendable besides the background score.  The costumes, sets, props, and all are a good match to depict the era of the 1980’s. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a beautifully violent film which is a grand oxymoron.  

Talking about its beautiful violence, the film has shot the action scenes very well and presented. Particularly the action scene in the second half is very well shot.  Here, Rocky saves an old man in the underground tunnel of gold mine.  

Negative criticism

The narration and story-telling of the film is jumbled and maybe it difficult to follow. The uneven paces added to the screenplay are irritating. The low-romance angle of Rocky doesn’t add much to the main plot. The female lead character role is also very minimal.

KGF at some points doesn’t do justice in sticking to the main plot and concentrate on wrong aspects. For instance, the movie fails to answer why everyone fears Rocky. The narration becomes clear in the second half,

KFG Chapter 2 is all about the challenges, bloodier battles and darker days as Rockey is the new overlord of KFG. Besides the threats from his revenge-seeking foes, the government also sees him as a threat to the law and order situation


The viewers and fans of KGF chapter one are eagerly waiting for the release of KGF chapter 2 release. They are calling it the most awaiting movie of the year. The point to note is that KFG chapter 1 stands as one of the best action movies with a rating of 8.2/10 from IMBD. The critics have even called it a Hollywood level movie.

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I am quite confident that the negative aspects mentioned above must be taken care of while making KFG Chapter 2.

Tell us in the comment section if you planned to watch the film based on KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review presented here.

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