KSI Concert On Roblox — All Details Provided

The popular YouTuber and Rapper Lord KSI has revealed that he will be soon collaborating with Roblox for an online concert. Here are all the details about this upcoming virtual concert. Stay tuned!

Since the Covid pandemic has hit the world, the majority of artists have shifted to virtual platforms to stay connected with their fans. Similar to many other artists, KSI is all set to roll to his album. In order to celebrate this new launch, KSI is coming to Roblox. Fans are eagerly waiting for this event to happen and hundreds of them have started talking about the upcoming event on various other social media platforms.

The news of KSI’s coming to Roblox was revealed by the artist himself in one of his Tweets made on August 10th. In the Tweet, the artist has shared a glimpse of his upcoming album, and the Tweet reads, “I’m coming to Roblox”.

When Is KSI’s Concert On Roblox

Image Of When Is KSI’s Concert On Roblox

Over the years since his debut, KSI has become a successful YouTuber and a popular Rap star. Currently, he is all set to roll his new album, and to celebrate this launch he is ready to rock with the Roblox audience.

KSI has joined hands with Roblox in order to enhance its music experience. The fans can now enjoy this concert from the comfort of their homes. You can also participate in several virtual events that are going to be held on Roblox.

This virtual concert will begin on Friday, August 13 at 4 pm PDT through Monday, August 16, 12 am PDT. Various reports have revealed that the concert will feature multiple tracks from the KSI’s latest album All Over the Place.

The reports have also revealed that KSI will be interacting with his fans in a question and answer session at the VIP rooftop after-party. In one of his recent Instagram posts, KSI has revealed that people who will be tuning into the concert will get two free avatar items, including a pair of Golden Headphones and an AOTP hat.

The caption of this Instagram post reads as follows:

“Ya boy has finally arrived to @roblox. 4 pm PDT 13th August/12am BST 14th August, I’ll be performing songs from my album All over the place as well as celebrating with Roblox community. There’s currently a launch party Experience happening right now with exclusive merch and more in Roblox. So, go on and enjoy, I’ll see you soon.”

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KSI’s Roblox Concert Date

Image Of KSI’s Roblox Concert Date

Twitterers and Gamers are eagerly waiting for the concert day. The majority of them have already started counted days for this virtual concert. Here are some of the reactions given by KSI fans on various social media platforms:

One user wrote on Twitter, “gn everyone. Still, kind of crazy @KSI is ganna be on Roblox doing an event. crazy defo picking up the merch on Roblox.”

Another said, “My brain can’t still process how KSI is doing a concert in Roblox”. While “Welcome to Roblox brother. I have been watching you for ages hope this event goes well much love”, wrote another.

However, the concert is due on August 13th, some merch are already available for gamers to grab on Roblox. These merch include, Wake Up Call Emote, Boxing Punch emote, Show Dem Wrist emote, London Back Flag, Royal Gyar Hat, and Royal Cape among others.

It is also revealed that the streamers will be able to stream the event without any issues.

Bottom Line

This was all about the KSI Concert On Roblox and all related details. Hopefully, you have got all the available information about this upcoming concert. Stay tuned for more updates!

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