John Kelly Passed Away — Kelly’s Son Confirms The News

TikTok users are saddened to know that their favorite TikTok comedian John Kelly has Passed Away. Fans came to know about the saddening news when Kelly’s son, Tex Keith rolled a message for his father’s fans confirming his demise.

TikTok users are getting exposed to so much saddening news recently. After Timbotheredneck’s demise, the video-sharing app is now deprived of another comedy star John Kelly. Users are left in awe as John Kelly’s son Tex Keith has confirmed this heartbreaking news recently. Fans have started paying tribute to their favorite comedy star and they also have launched a GoFundme campaign to honor their favorite comedian.

John Kelly and his 24-year old son, Tex Keith made the best father-son duo of TikTok but the sudden demise of John Kelly has left his fans in awe.

Who was John Kelly On TikTok

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John Kelly was a popular TikTok content creator, who along with his 24-year-old son was popular for their funny short videos and skits. They were also known for their fun-filled pranks and other humor content. Both the father and son used to roll their videos on their official TikTok handle, @texandjohn.

Being joined the platform in January 2020, the TikTok handle of John Kelly and son has amassed more than 2.5M followers. They also have garnered 48 Million likes on all of their videos. Both the father and son duo has made a great impact on the platform and they are loved by millions from every corner of the world.

Besides TikTok and other social platforms, John Kelly was the co-owner of Humboldt Construction. He had a jolly personality hence he was able to rack up a massive number of followers on his social platforms in a very short time period.

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How Did John Kelly Die

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The news confirming that John Kelly has passed away was announced by his son via a social media statement. In the statement, Tex Keith wrote: “Dad’s passing was a surprise to us all and something that we will be feeling the toll of for a very long time.”

John Kelly lived an amazing life, full of hard work and love. He was never negative and as many of you have experienced personally with him, he was always someone you wanted to be around because he made you feel special and loved. He was a great father, son, brother, and friend to countless people.

“My family and I are absolutely devastated by his passing and while we are trying to still process all of this, life is unapologetically continuing all around us with hospital bills and expenses.”

Though the news of his death is confirmed, the cause of death is yet to be disclosed. Tex Keith has also shared a heart-touching TikTok tribute to his father. He has also settled up a Gofundme campaign in his late father’s honor.

So far, the GoFundme page settled for John Kelly has reached $13,500 out of the $15,000 set target. Fans are playing their part in honoring the person who made them smile for more than a year.

Did John Kelly Really Die

As the news of John Kelly was announced, it spread on the video-sharing app like a wildfire. His fans are deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news of Kelly’s passing. Hundreds of fans have taken it to various social sites and have paid tribute to the TikTok star.

One fan wrote: “I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Your videos always made me smile. May he Rest in Peace.”

Another wrote: “Rip to one of the best and most inspiring man on this app. I wish I could be as good of a man as he was. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Last Words

Kelly’s passing has created a void on the video-sharing app that might not be filled so easily. May the smile-spreading soul flies high in the sky. Rest In Peace Kelly!

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