Kwame Brown Meme — Here’s What It Is All About

Twitter users are obsessed with the viral Kwame Brown Meme as the former NBA player is feuding with the hosts of ALL THE SMOKE Podcast. Let’s discover the back story of this recent hype.

In a recent episode of the All The Smoke podcast, the hosts Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, and Gilbert Arenas ridiculed the former NBA Player Kwame Brown. In response to this podcast, Brown came up with a 10 minutes video on his YouTube channel. During the video, he kept bashing the Podcast hosts and it seemed as if he was desperate to land a knockout blow in the last round.

The story just began when; Nick Young also hopped into the debate. He hilariously responded to Brown’s video saying “Kwame Brown won lol”. But why did the meme went so far? Here’s the tale!

What Is Kwame Brown Meme

Image Of What Is Kwame Brown Meme

Netizens started pouring Kwame Brown Memes after a savage response of brown (to All The Smoke podcast, the hosts Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson and Gilbert Arenas) was posted on his YouTube channel.

Brown responded to every three of them individually for ridiculing him about his career and failure to reach his potential. Starting with Arenas for his childish behavior with the Washington Wizards and then heading towards the next two, he didn’t hold back.

After taking good care of Arenas he mocked Barnes for not being a man and for losing his wife to Derek Fisher. He also targeted Stephen Jackson for showing fake support to the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of his friend George Floyd Jr.

During the whole story, it seems like Young is backing Brown as he himself also has been victimized by the erratic former NBA All-Star. Right after the YouTube video, he also rolled a video with a strongly-worded message on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Since then, Kwame Brown Memes have become the talk of the town and people are coming up with some side-splitting memes.

Origin Of Kwame Brown Meme

The initiator of this meme trend isn’t known so far but most probably the Kwame Brown Meme trend has originated from Twitter. While talking to ESPN’s, Matt Barnes has also talked about the ongoing battle. He said, “I get where he’s coming from,” he said. “He’s kind of been the butt of jokes coming into the league and not being able to live up to that No 1 potential. If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at MJ for picking you No 1.”

Later, the famous sports journalist Jason Whitlock has taken it to his Twitter account saying, Brown has transformed his image by a single Instagram Livestream. Jason said “Kwame Brown has transformed his entire image with a single IG Livestream. This is amazing. He put respek on his own name. Wow.”

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Spread Of The Meme

Image Of Spread Of The Meme

So far, Twitter users are loving the battle between Brown and the hosts of All The Smoke podcast. Here are the top Kwame Brown Memes you should not miss.

Babatunde Jones, the American Sports Journalist Tweeted, “Kwame brown growing into the uncle you want no problems with is a fascinating development.”

A Twitter page named “Factual opinions of Dred” said, “Kwame Brown said If Matt Barnes knew how to use his light skinnedness like Drake his wife wouldnt have cheated.”

Another user from Twitter picked up some hilarious words from Brown’s video and Tweeted “Kwame Brown called Matt Barnes “Becky with the good hair”

Final Thoughts

This was all about how the sleeping giant “Brown” has roused up to stir the pot. Netizens think that he should have roused a long time ago.

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