Kakoli Furniture Meme — The Viral Facebook Video

Facebook users in Bangladesh and India are obsessed with the viral Kakoli Furniture Meme. If you want to know what this meme is all about and how it started then you have to stick till the end!

Memes have become a staple commodity for the social media users these days. Every day we open our social media accounts, we come across hilarious memes. Meme creators do not miss a single chance to make a slightly funny video go viral. Hence, the meme game is getting stronger day by day.

Besides spreading smiles on the faces of users, these memes also help the content creator to flourish. Additionally, these memes also help us to express our feelings in a funny way without offending anyone.

A recent funny video that has taken the newsfeed of Facebook by storm is the Kakoli Furniture Meme. As the language used in this meme is other than English, many of the Facebook users are unable to understand it. But the ones who understand Bengali are rolling on the floors laughing.

What Is Kakoli Furniture Meme

Image Of What Is Kakoli Furniture Meme

Kakoli Furniture Meme is a video meme that originated from Bangladesh. This is an advertisement for a furniture company but the way it is presented has left people die laughing. This funny video features two young girls sitting on a chair. They are repeating some words in Bengali which mean “Low price means good Kakli furniture” over and over again.

Some of the users have an opinion that there is nothing funny in this video but the majority of users have shared the video on their walls and have also poured thousands of comments. Though there isn’t anything special in this video to go viral it still has earned one million views accompanied by 30,000 shares so far.

Origin Of The Meme

This funny video has originated from West Bengal. It was made for advertisement purposes by a furniture store in Bangladesh known as Kakoli Furniture Store. The hilarious Kakoli video was posted initially by the owner of the Kakoli Furniture Store on their Facebook page.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, then you can watch it on the kakoli store’s official Facebook page. It was firstly posted on Facebook on the 9th of April 2021. Since then it has garnered 1.2 Million views and 26K comments. It is also being shared 45K times.

Right after being uploaded on Facebook, the video received an overwhelming response. Since then it is continuously flaunting on Facebook. Considering the massive response from the audience, Kakoli Furniture’s Facebook page has shared the video again in May. Yet again, the video is gathering applauds from the audience.

Kakoli Furniture Meme Meaning

Image Of Kakoli Furniture Meme Meaning

Not knowing how far the video will go, it was created in Bengali language considering the audience in Bangladesh. But now, the video has crossed all the boundaries and it has reached other South Asian countries as well.

Unable to understand the meaning of the video, many Facebook users have reached Google. If you are among those audiences who haven’t got the meaning then here is what it means. In the video, young girls can be heard saying: “Dame Kom Mane Bhalo Kakoli Furniture”. It means (Low Price means good Kakoli Furniture)”.

This is the tagline used by Kakoli Furniture Store which is located in Gazipur, Bangladesh. Seems like the promotional video post has reached a number of audience more than the creator has thought of. Though the video was just intended to reach the audience of West Bengal.

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Last Words

After going viral on Facebook and other social media platforms Kakoli Furniture meme has attracted several new customers. Hopefully, this article has provided enough information about the viral Kakoli meme.

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