Luxsky — Is Luxsky Scam Or A Legit Website? [May 2021]

A Chinese website “Luxsky” that deals in LED lights is trending in the USA. Some shoppers claim that it is not a legit website but a scam. Let’s discover if “Luxsky” is a scam or not.

Due to the fear of catching Corona virus people prefer to stay home and shop from the online platforms while staying at their comfort zones. Seeing this increased trend of online shopping, thousands of new businesses have joined the online E-commerce platforms.

Being exposed to thousands of online E-commerce stores, it becomes difficult for buyers to differentiate among fake and legit sites. Some get trapped by the false sites while many other users do prior research about the site before relying on them. If you are among those wise shoppers who are searching about “Luxsky” before buying anything, then we would congratulate you for utilizing your resources efficiently.

Read this unbiased review about the Chinese online store before making any wrong decision.

What Is Luxsky

Image Of What Is Luxsky

According to Luxsky’s website, it is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on, production, R&D and sales of LED lighting products. It is located in the industrial center zone for international LED lighting design and development, lighting trades in Shenzhen.

Provided on the site, it has adopted and imported new and advanced equipment. It also has a pool of young and energetic staff who add to the value of Luxsky. The website further claims that it sells its products to more than 30 countries including areas of Europe, America, Australia, and other Asia countries.

Flowing are its top selling products:

  • Linear Light
  • Panel Light
  • Street Light
  • Flood Light
  • Highbay Light
  • Intelligent Drivers
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Decorative Lights

The website also provides online customer service but we weren’t able to spot any customer review on the site.

Luxsky Review

Image Of Luxsky Review

After probing on the website and running various reliability tests we have found it as a suspicious website. Following are the reasons for this website to be listed as one of the problematic sites:

1. No Customer Reviews on Website.

The website was created on 2017-01-09 01:43:09 but still there isn’t any customer feedback provided. This makes the website a suspicious one.

2. No social media presence

This website is only available on Facebook. According to Luxsky’s Facebook page, it was created on 28th December 2016. Even after 4 years, this page is only being liked by 181 people and 197 people follow it. This shows that the page isn’t much active. The last post on this Facebook page was made on 19th January 2021. No customer reviews were found on the Facebook page as well.

3. Contact Number on Facebook is different from the one provided on their official website

The next suspicious thing we found is that the telephone number provided on their Facebook page is +86 182 1911 8073, while the ones provided on their official website are +86-755-82590839 and +86-755-33654459.

4. Copied Content

We also witnessed copied content on the website which isn’t a practice of legitimate websites.

5. No Reviews on the Trustpilot

In search of customer reviews, we reached Trustpilot. To your surprise there also isn’t a single customer review.

6. Poorly designed website

The official website of Luxsky is poorly designed. While going through the website you will witness piles of copied text only. The website also isn’t eye-catching.

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Final Verdict

After probing all the essential aspects, we have come to the conclusion that Luxsky is a suspicious website. This also is less popular despite of the fact that it was created in December 2016. So, we would suggest the readers not rely on this site.

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