Kyte Baby TikTok Video Went Viral For A Wrong Reason

The Kyte Baby is facing backlash online after a video uploaded by one of its employees went viral on TikTok. Even though the baby brand has apologized for the video, users seem concerned about it. If you have missed this TikTok, here is everything you need to know.

Kyte Baby has posted a public apology after one of the videos uploaded by their employee has gone viral on TikTok. This baby brand is known for its baby pajamas, bamboo sleeping bags, and sling carriers. It has become immensely popular after being featured in Today, Poosh and Forbes.

This popular baby brand has also developed its online presence and has earned over 555,000 followers on Instagram. It is followed by a considerable number of users on TikTok also.

However, the baby brand has landed in hot water recently following a video uploaded by one of its employees. Here is more you need to know about this TikTok drama.

Kyte Baby Viral TikTok Video

Image Of Kyte Baby Viral TikTok Video

The founder of Kyte Baby Ying Liu has taken it to TikTok to apologize for the rage of their fans that was triggered by a recent viral video. On Wednesday, November 24th Ying said, “Hey guys, it’s Ying the owner of Kyte Baby here. I just wanted to hop on to tell you that today I discovered that one of our TikTok employees didn’t reflect the value of this company and I truly want to apologize to you for this oversight”.

She further added, “As a woman of color, I’ve always strongly believed in inclusivity and diversity and these are the values that Kyte Baby has always stood for. So again, I apologize for the pain that this may have caused.”

In a similar apology post uploaded on Instagram, the baby brand further said, “In the future, we will pay a lot more attention to the products used in any partnerships, any social media video, and we would also do a lot more due diligence before we partner with anyone, and I want to tell you that we have decided to discontinue our professional relationship with this individual, and on their platform.”

Kyte Baby Apologises For The Viral Video

Image Of Kyte Baby Apologises For The Viral Video

While addressing the viral video, Ying said that the video creator used an “incorrectly sized sleep bag”. However, “I want to ensure you that sleep safety is of the utmost importance to Kyte Baby,” she said.

She further revealed that they have discontinued their professional relationship with that particular individual and that person doesn’t work for them anymore.

The video that triggered the rage of users was uploaded by McCall Deason who earlier worked for Kyte Baby. In the trendy video, she was spotted using a wrong-sized sleep sack on her baby, which most users deemed as unsafe.

The video creator later apologized for the negligence but people have now found some controversial tweets on her Twitter account.

Following the backlash, McCall Deason has taken it to her TikTok handle and addressed her followers. She said that she is doing her best to look after her baby, so people must stop bashing her now.

She also addressed the old tweets that people found racist. McCall Deason said, “I was literally amazed and shocked just like everyone else because I honestly cannot remember tweeting those things. At the age I was, why was I even on Twitter? Why did I even have Twitter?”

She further continued, “when I think about it, I don’t know why I made those tweets, because I 110% promise you that I am not that person. I’m not only 22-years-old but I’m a mother of two kids”.

“I just know for a fact that if you know me personally. You would not think I am that person,” she added.

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Bottom Line

This was all about what Kyte Baby TikTok Video showcased and why did it go viral on the internet. Hopefully, you have got all the required details you were looking for.

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