Who Is Latasha Kebe? Vlogger Accused Of Defaming Cardi

Cardi B’s fans are snooping across the internet to explore who Latasha Kebe is and what claims have made her land in the hot waters. If you are among these users looking for the details here is everything you need to know about.

A few years earlier, Cardi B has filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against a vlogger who is famous for her YouTube channel. According to the lawsuit, the popular vlogger Latasha Kebe has made false claims that have damaged the rapper’s reputation.

Latasha has made several claims about Cardi B’s past and the vlogger has faced backlash from Cardi’s fans. Considering the severity of the claims, Cardi has decided to meet the YouTube creator in court. Here is more you need to know about the lawsuit.

Who Is Latasha Kebe?

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Latasha Kebe is a YouTuber and vlogger having a considerable number of fans on YouTube and several other social media platforms. She has grown to popularity for her YouTube channel UnWineWithTashaT.

Kebe also owns a website named TashaKLive.com, which serves as a streaming service. Subscribers can get access to her interviews by paying $2.99 a month.

Latasha has amassed over 980k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she uploads podcast videos, celebrity gossip, and interviews with public personalities.

Her Instagram handle is also quite popular where she has amassed over 275k followers. Tasha is quite active on her Instagram account and she has made over 635 posts so far. According to her Instagram bio, Tasha K is a news personality.

For the last two years, Tasha has remained subject to an ongoing lawsuit as Cardi B accused her of libel and defamation of character. Later, Tasha counter-sued the rap star claiming that the artist’s fans have threatened her on social media. However, the claims were dismissed by US district judge William Ray following a lack of evidence. The honorable court also said that Tasha’s accusations failed to demonstrate the “threats she alleges occurred were directed by the plaintiff or committed by an agent acting on (the) plaintiff’s behalf”.

Cardi B And Latasha Kebe Lawsuit

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As revealed by The Independent, the popular singer Cardi B filed the libel and defamation lawsuit against Tasha K in the year 2019.  Cardi has accused Tasha of damaging her reputation following some false claims.

In one of the viral videos of Tasha, she wrongly claimed Cardi saying that she had contracted herpes and HPV. And she also used to be a prostitute. This vlog has earned millions of views and has become immensely popular among netizens.

This case will go to trial in a federal Georgia court on the 5th of January coming year.

As explained by The Independent reports, the recent development, in this case, is, “Judge Ray has ordered access to all medical reports held by the University of California, Los Angeles Centre for Women’s Pelvic Health that relate “solely to [Cardi] testing for herpes and HPV”.

Upon being asked about Kebe’s stance on the judgment the vlogger’s lawyer said that Kebe has nothing to say about the Judge’s remarks regarding Cardi’s medical records

On the other side, Cardi B’s lawyer Lisa Moore says that her client “welcomes” Judge Ray’s ruling.

Whether or not Kebe will be able to justify her claims, Cardi B’s fans are not happy about whatever Tasha has said about their favorite WAP singer.

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Final Words

This was who Latasha Kebe is and what claims she has made about Cardi B. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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