Let’s Go Brandon Song Goes Viral On The Internet

The latest Twitter meme “Let’s Go Brandon” has now turned into a whole new rap song and users seem obsessed with it. The song initially became popular on all social media platforms and now it has made it to the top of iTunes Charts. Here is all we know so far about this popular song and the artist behind this amazing rap.

Earlier this week, a crowd chant blunder became popular on the internet. The popular chant “Let’s Go Brandon” became popular following the interview of NASCAR star Brandon Brown’s interview with NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast. While Brandon was talking to the NBC reporter, the anti-Biden crowd started chanting “F*** Joe Biden” in the background. As the reporter was going live, she tried to cover the chant by referring to it as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

As this specific chunk of the video was uploaded on the internet, people started creating memes out of it. However, it has now become a hit song that is ruling over the iTunes Charts. Let’s discover more about this trendy rap song and the voice behind it.

Who Is The Singer Of Let’s Go Brandon Song?

This meme-inspired song is sung by MAGA supporter Loza. Loza is a New York based rap star having a considerable follower count on all social media platforms.

On his official Instagram account, he has amassed over 14,500 followers while on YouTube he has garnered over 87000 subscribers on YouTube.

Loza seems involved in politics as we spotted him wearing a MAGA cap in most of his videos. In his several YouTube videos he has talked about politics and he has also backed up the former US President Donald Trump.

On Monday 18th October, the rapper rolled a video thanking all his followers for the success of his rap song. He further added that the fans’ reaction has made him speechless.

Currently, the song is having the second spot on the iTunes chart. The meme-turned song initially became viral on TikTok. But now it is ruling overall social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The song has amassed over 1.9 million views on YouTube so far. The official video of Let’s Go Brandon Song showcases Loza singing the song while playing Brandon’s interview footage in the background.

Let’s Go Brandon Song Hits The iTunes Charts

As soon as the Let’s Go Brandon Song has become viral on the internet, users have rushed towards Twitter to express their opinion. Some users have really loved the song while others are surprised to see the overwhelming response for the song.

One user wrote on Twitter, “This song is Lit. LETS GOBRANDON – Theme Song – Loza Alexander”.

Another user wrote, “My new favorite song! I dedicate this song to @JustinTrudeau this one is for you!”

“Hey yall, remember am I the only one? Well, another conservative song is projected to chart higher than am I the only one even did! It’s called “let’s go Brandon” it is projected to debut in the top 10. I’m going to put a toothpick in my toenail and stub that toe,” said another user.

Previously, the singer warned all his fans about the warning he had received from TikTok about the removal of song from the platform, he wrote:

“ATTENTION news reporters! Tik Tok has threatened to remove my #letsgobrandon viral video that is approaching the number one spot on iTunes top us hip hop records!!!!! Spread the word!!!!”

However, the song isn’t removed from TikTok yet.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Let’s Go Brandon Song and its singer. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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