Hellmaxxing Meaning On TikTok — The Current Viral Meme

Twitterers are getting obsessed with a new meme trend that revolves around the bizarre word Hellmaxxing, this viral word has come from TikTok but what is the meaning of Hellmaxxing? Let’s discover together.

TikTok is the foremost social media platform that comes to mind when talking about bizarre dance challenges, memes, and slang terms. Since its launch in 2016, we have witnessed thousands of odd meme trends having dark humor behind them.

However, the latest meme trend that has gone viral doesn’t bear a nasty meaning behind but it invites people to get involved in evil deeds.

 The term has got traction after it was being used in a news excerpt. Brainy social media users have posted this excerpt on the internet, hence the word Hellmaxxing has paved the path for a new meme trend.  Here is all we know about the meaning and origin of this popular internet term.

Hellmaxxing Meaning On Twitter

Image Of Hellmaxxing Meaning On Twitter

As soon as a user posted the news excerpt on social media, it has become a whole new meme trend. Before discussing more about the meme trend, let’s begin with the meaning of Hellmaxxing on TikTok and various other social media platforms.

Some social media users have revealed that the term “Hellmaxxing” is all about the people who do evil deeds. They further claim that, people who do so many evil deeds that even the demons in hell won’t accept them. The term is quite self-explanatory if you read it carefully, Hell-max-xing, makes sense now? Crossing the maximum limit of doing evil deeds.

Urban Dictionary also provides a similar meaning for this viral word. According to the urban dictionary, “Hellmaxxing” means, “obtaining a one-way ticket to hell by doing something incredibly bad, evil, or shameful”.

Thus, “Hellmaxxing” is the act of committing sins that will lead you directly to hell. Well, “Hellmaxxing” won’t actually send you to hell; it is just a word that means something really bad.

The news excerpt shared on Twitter warned parents about the viral TikTok trend, “Hellmaxxing”. This piece of news was shared by a Twitter user on the platform, since then it has become immensely popular now.

Meme creators seem obsessed with the phrase adding to its popularity. Netizens have found the phrase quite hilarious and they are unable to believe if any such thing really exists.

Hellmaxxing Meme Meaning

Image Of Hellmaxxing Meme Meaning

Here is what internet users actually think about this meme trend on Twitter.

One user wrote, “Vaguely disappointed that Hellmaxxing doesn’t involve committing as many sins as possible ‘inside TJ-Maxx’.”

Another wrote, “Thought hellmaxxing is trying to shop at TJMaxx on a Saturday afternoon”.

One user joked about the trend saying, “Who called it hellmaxxing and not sin-a-maxx.”

“Is there going to be a whole Hellmaxxing series? Hellmaxxing II, Hellmaxx Beyond. Hellmaxx in space?” A third user wrote.

Another Twitter user joked about the trend saying, “I mean I just called it ‘my twenties’ but I suppose ‘hellmaxxing’ is cool too.”

Alongside joking about the trend some users are also sharing their experience of hellmaxxing.

One user talked about how they lied to their dentist about the floss while the other revealed, they eat pineapple on pizza and that must also be considered as Hellmaxxing.

A Twitter user based in Canada said they are going to commit the act of Hellmaxxing by crossing the road without pressing the signal button.

One person spread giggles among his followers saying, “Margaret Thatcher was hellmaxxing during her time in office.”

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Final Thoughts

Whether hellmaxxing is a real term or not, it has surely spread giggles across the internet. Hopefully, you can get the meaning of this viral meme trend now.

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