Lil Nas Dress Stole All The Limelight In BET Awards 2021

The 22-year-old rapper Lil Nas has left his fans in awe after making a striking entry in his red carpet dress In BET Awards last Sunday. Twitter users have flooded the platform with reactions to this memorable outfit. Most of them are curious to know about the mastermind behind this unforgettable attire. If you are among these internet users probing to know who designed Lil Nas’s Dress, here is the answer.

Along with leaving his fans in awe-struck by his matchless attire, Lil Nas has also set the stage on fire with his performance. The zippered corset, a jacket and the white suspenders he wore are more than a red carpet look.

Considering the curiosity of fans over Twitter, we probed into the details of Nas’s dress. As stated by HITC, the blue and white Cinderella-Esque gown he wore was designed by a young artist Andrea Grossi.

Andrea Grossi is a graduate of Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence. This fashion designer is quite popular among fashion enthusiasts and he has a considerable fan following over all social media platforms. His official Instagram handle has a followers count of 11,000. He is mainly popular for his unique designs and known for his out of the box attires.

This young artist has proved his skills by participating in different shows on international levels. If you haven’t seen the dress designed by Andrea Grossi for Lil Nas, it is a voluminous silhouette. It is said to be part of Andrea’s collection called “Welcome to DeusLand.”

Fans have said that the princess-like dress isn’t just a red carpet look but a whole new mood.



This dress designed by Andrea Grossi was also worn by by musician David Blank for one of his viral magazine shoot. The dress is designed in a way, if one zooms it, they will get to know the dress is meant to question our society’s customs and politics.

The full dress comprised of a jacket, a zippered corset and white suspenders. HITC has also reported that the pieces used to design the attire are crafted through sustainable techniques.

Nevertheless, Lil Nas X was spotted wearing two outfits during the BET Awards 2021. In his later appearance, he was spotted wearing an extravagant white floral pantsuit. Besides his eye-catching dresses, fans have also enjoyed his performance.

While performing his mega-hit Montero, he was dressed in an Egyptian-themed outfit. He concluded his steaming performance by posting a long kiss on one of his male dancers. Hence, the performance seemed like a perfect end for Pride week and Pride month.

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Reactions On LIL NAS Dress

Image Of Reactions On LIL NAS Dress

The majority of his fans have given positive reactions to his performance as well as his attire. While talking about the Awards night one of his fans said, “lil nas x is about to shake the table & give us the queerest most satanic performance BET has ever seen on a Sunday! & during pride month! The homophobes are going to be shook af & I can’t wait! #betawards”

Another Twitter user had a different stake on Lil Nas’s performance and dresses. He said, “lil nas x larping as pharaoh at the bet awards and ending the performance by making out with one of the dancers was incredible, however, he neglected to provide any meaningful perspective on the whereabouts of punt, one of Egypt’s main tradin- [I am pushed down a flight of stairs]”

One other user said, “Lil Nas X is wearing a dress with an Akatsuki-themed Provencal-inspired print on it to the BET awards?! I am losing my mind I am so happy.”

Bottom Line

Whatever are the fan’s reactions, Lil Nas has rocked in each of his attire. Fans have also accepted that he is quite versatile and has carried each look so well.

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