Pride Month Meme — Here’s All You Need To Know About

As we have just entered the sixth month of 2021, the LGBT community is invading the internet with Pride Month Meme. Do you know why June is known as the pride month or what does the pride month refer to? If not, here is a detailed explanation. Stay tuned!

Every year in the month of June, LGBTQIA+ communities celebrate pride month as an effort to grow their acceptance. And also to ensure that they get equal rights in society. It all started as a protest against police brutality in Stonewall Riots.

Now, this month is celebrated to give the message that the Mission of Pride shouldn’t be taken lightly. Moreover, people from LGBTQIA+ communities participate in various parades holding their rainbow flags.

However, to present this parade as a peaceful one, the LGBTQIA+ community has added the element of humor so the Pride month memes have become famous. These memes address the serious issues faced by these communities with a touch of humor. Below we have provided the most viral Pride month memes. Keep scrolling!

What Is Pride Month Meme

Image Of What Is Pride Month Meme

Pride month meme is the humorous content used by LGBTQIA+ communities to address their issues peacefully. These memes especially become famous in the month of June because this whole month is celebrated as the Pride Month by LGBT community.

These funny memes aren’t just for the purpose of entertainment but they capture most of the struggles faced by cis, trans, ace, gay, bi, and nonbinary people living in our society. Their further aim is to educate people about these communities and their priorities whilst spreading giggles and smiles.

This year, LGBTQ+ communities are celebrating the Pride month with more zeal as the US President Joe Biden has announced good news for them. According to the official press release, the United States President Joe Biden has issued a presidential proclamation officially recognizing June as Pride Month. He also has assured the LGBTQIA+ communities to provide them equal rights and opportunities and to codify this into law.

However, in the year 2020, last US president Donald Trump had totally ignored the pride month. He didn’t even acknowledge it with a Presidential Tweet. During this reign, the foreign embassies were also prohibited from flying the pride flag (Rainbow flag).

While talking about Pride Month, Entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle expert Mike Sington from Lost Angeles shared his thoughts with Bored Panda. He said, “Pride Month in California is a big deal, and every city and town, large and small, celebrates it in one way or another. Mike also added that California is the best place for the LGBTQ+ community as it not only gives them acceptance but the laws are also in place.

Origin Of Pride Month Meme

Image Of Origin Of Pride Month Meme

There isn’t much information about the exact start of Pride Month Memes but we can consider it to be started after Stonewall Riots. These memes seem to be originated from Twitter and Reddit. Yet again, there isn’t any confirm information about the origination of these memes.

Currently, these memes are quite popular on almost all social media platforms. Relating to Pride month, people have also shared their thoughts about the LGBTQ+ community. Considering them equal to any other straight person, one internet user said. “Just because someone is gay, that doesn’t mean that they are fabulous. I’m sure many of them are as grey, drab, and miserable as the rest of us straight folk.”

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Concluding Remarks

In this article we have provided all the available information about the Pride month and the memes related to it. For accuracy related issues, you can drop a comment in the below comment box.

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