Little Miss And Mr Men Memes Instagram – What’s The Trend All About?

If you have been active on Instagram recently, you must have come across the Little Miss and Mr Men Memes as everyone is sharing these memes. The trend involves people making their own renditions of Little Miss or Mr Men character memes added with some hilarious captions. If you have no idea what everyone these days on Instagram is up to, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Little Miss and Mr Men Memes trend on Instagram.

Instagram is no way behind when it comes to sharing memes. We normally encounter the most hilarious memes on Instagram and to our surprise every meme becomes a bandwagon here.

Just recently, users are going crazy about the Little Miss and Mr Men Memes and the trend doesn’t seem to stop anyway. The trend is based on the children’s books by English author Roger Hargreaves. Some of the most popular memes of this trend include “Little Miss Afraid of Intimacy, “Mr Vape” and “Little Miss Hits Curbs”.

Users on Instagram are busy creating their own characters using an editing app. But why has the trend gone so far on the former only-photo-sharing app and how has it emerged? We have broken down everything here in this blog post. Keep reading!

What Does Little Miss And Mr Men Memes Mean On Instagram?

Image Of What Does Little Miss And Mr Men Memes Mean On Instagram

The latest Instagram meme trend has begun after a user @littlemissnotesapp shared an array of Little Miss and Mr Men memes.

This user started posting the memes some 2 weeks ago on July 11th and as of now, she has amassed a followers count of 1.8 million on her profile.

The user who started this trend is Nicole but she isn’t the only one responsible for the popularity of this meme trend. After the attention Nicole’s memes got, thousands of other Instagram users have joined in to share their own rendition of the meme trend.

Nicole shares the memes created on her own but she credits an Instagram user @juulpuppy in her highlights for being the originator of this meme format.

Another Instagram user she has given credit to in her story highlights is @starbucksslayqueen. @starbucksslayqueen has also shared many of the Little Miss memes adding to the popularity of this trend.

Some of the hilarious memes that we were able to spot on the handle of @littlemissnotesapp include: Little Miss Scalding Hot Showers,” “Little Miss Addicted To Piercings” and “Little Miss Sleeps With Makeup On”.

She also has shared some Mr Men memes which include, “Mr Doesn’t Drink Water” and “Mr Aspiring Musician”. The majority of memes found on @littlemissnotesapp are related to Little Miss.

The Little Miss Meme Trend Instagram

Image Of The Little Miss Meme Trend Instagram

As the Little Miss meme has got traction on Instagram, hundreds of users are wondering to know where the trend takes its roots from.

Well, this viral trend is based on a series of children’s books written by English author Roger Hargreaves.

This book series was first launched in 1971. The Mr Men books included in this series are all humorous stories. Each story is based around a different character with a specific emotion or attribute.

Some of the Mr Men books include Mr Nosey, Mr Tickle, Mr Bump and Mr Silly. These books are sold in 20 languages worldwide and it is being said that over 85 million copies of these books are being sold so far.

The current meme trend on Instagram, uses the photos from the original Mr Men and Little Miss characters, however the hilarious captions and funny names are taking the trend to a whole next level.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Little Miss Meme Trend on Instagram is all about and why is so famous on the app. Hopefully, you have found all the information you needed to know.

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