Priority Instagram Feature – The New Feature Annoys Users

‘Priority’ is the new Instagram feature to go viral on the internet and users do not seem happy about its arrival. If you are among the users confused about this new option, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this latest Instagram feature.

Instagram is constantly rolling new features but users are demanding it concentrate on its existing ones. Well, it wouldn’t be unfair if I call the former photo-sharing app ‘Glitchogram’. The app users are constantly having issues with the platform and they do not seem happy about it.

The recent update that Instagram has rolled enables users to prioritize their chats. Although the majority of users have liked the feature a few have revealed that they are not satisfied with the algorithm that Instagram follows to prioritize the chats. Also, they are concerned about their privacy.

So, what is the new ‘Instagram Priority’ feature all about, and how does it function for the users? We have broken down everything about this feature here in this article. Keep reading!

What Is Priority Feature On Instagram?

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Social media platforms are constantly evolving. From Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat, social media platforms are on a roll. But the recent updates that Instagram is being rolled recently have failed to please the users.

So, the latest feature that Instagram has rolled enables the users to prioritize the messages in their inboxes. On the basis of how often you talk to any of your followers, Instagram prioritizes messages. The feature is being launched in early June but it has not been made available for all the users. Seems like Instagram is testing this feature for now and it will be rolled for the rest of its users very soon.

After this feature is being rolled, users have taken it to Twitter to discuss the feature. According to the opinions shared on Twitter, most of the users do not seem happy about the priority feature.

Here is what users have to say about this feature on Twitter:

One user said, “#Instagram is testing adding a “Priority” label on the chats you text the most in DMs”. Another user wrote, “Idk what algorithm Instagram uses to mark people as a priority but I’m sure it’s not working right,”

Another annoyed user wrote, “Why are Instagram DMs making random people a priority??,”

“What is “priority” in Instagram dm. I don’t get it…,” said another user.

“What is wrong with Instagram? Reply 2 3 times to anyone and here you go with a priority tag on their name,” wrote one.

Priority Feature Instagram

Image Of Priority Feature Instagram

Unlike the previous features that Instagram rolled, users do not seem excited about this current one. Many users are calling Instagram to share the algorithm that they are using to prioritize the messages.

A few users are annoyed to see the priority word over and over again. One grumpy user wrote, “The new “Priority” feature on Instagram DM is reminding me of work”.

Besides this new feature, users recently were reporting issues with their feed. Scrolling has changed for several users as they are getting to see posts from people they don’t follow at all.

Talking about this new Instagram feed layout, Instagram’s CEO revealed that this layout is crafted to make the Instagram feed more “immersive”.

He further revealed that the posts on the feed will now appear in a vertical, 9:16 ratio and will take up more of the screen as “video is a bigger part of the home experience.”

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the Priority Feature on Instagram and also, what users think about it. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you needed to know.

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