Lizzo’s Viral Instagram Live Video: Watch It Here

Lizzo’s Instagram live video is going viral on the Internet after she is seen twerking and doing some controversial moves. The viral video has shocked many users; some of them are criticizing her for her inappropriate moves while others are taking a stand in her favor.

Twitter users were judging the transparent dress of Lizzo that she wore at the birthday party of Cardi B. The 31-year-old singer is seen twerking wearing plain trousers and users do not seem happy with it. Some of her fans have criticized her for being an attention seeker while many others believe Lizzo can wear whatever she wants.

Although fans are making different comments about the singer’s live video, Swae Lee seems a big fan of her style statement. He has responded to her latest viral video adding some of her snaps on his Twitter account with a caption, “Glitterous”.

Here is more you need to know about this Lizzo’s Viral Instagram Live Video.

Lizzo’s Instagram Live Video Is Trending Now

Image Of Lizzo’s Instagram Live Video Is Trending Now

The live video featuring Lizzo twerking broke the internet on October 14th. The video’s caption reads, “A soft twerk to bless ya timeline”. She interacted with her fans in the live session and also did some twerking playing Adele’s brand new single ‘Easy On Me’ in the background. The live session was quite fun and thousands of her fans admired her moves.

Everything was going well until the singer pulled down her pants, leaving the audience in shock. After pulling down her pants she showed her rear while doing twerks.

Several fans have found this point of video controversial but the aim of Lizzo was to hit back the people who trolled her for wearing her transparent dress at Cardi B’s birthday party. While twerking she was also talking stuff that cannot be mentioned here as it is NSFW to address it here.

Fans Reaction To Lizzo’s Instagram Live Video

Image Of Fans Reaction To Lizzo’s Instagram Live Video

Fans are in shock as they weren’t ready to witness that particular moment in Lizzo’s live stream. They have given mixed reactions over Twitter. Some believe it was the best way for her to respond to her haters while others have added that the video made them uncomfortable.

Many other fans of Lizzo have related the video to body positivity. They believe that people are making harsh comments just because Lizzo has a bulky body, otherwise, they would have loved the video.

However, most people believe that the responses she is going to get are also going to hurt her feelings.

Here are some reactions of fans to the video on Twitter and Instagram,

One user wrote on Twitter, “And here @lizzo comes again with her a** hanging out on Instagram live. For this amount of attention she must be dropping something cause D**N @lizzo calm down. Geez!”

Another said, “I love Lizzo and she can wear whatever the f**k she wants, and I’m cool with it, but her pulling her pants down on live in the studio so the haters could kiss her a** was very unsettling.”

Many users have also shown her love saying, “@Lizzo girl you got the moves! This video has made a million+ little girls feel better about their body size. Well done!”

“I love people like Lizzo & Lil Nas X. People that are themselves unapologetically. I hope they continue to live their best lives & continue making people uncomfortable”, added another.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about Lizzo’s controversial Viral Instagram Live Video and its back story. This viral clip has shocked many of her fans and they seem annoyed about it.

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