Southwest Airlines Employees Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”

A video showcasing Southwest Airlines Employees Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” has gone viral on the internet recently. People on the internet are baffled by the video and they are trying to know the back story of this viral video. If you are among these people, here is all you need to know about the video of Southwest Airlines Employees Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”.

According to some recent reports, Southwest Airlines has canceled over 2,000 flights following problems related to air traffic control problems, limited staffing, and bad weather.

Although the problems reported by Airline are quite relevant, some people are arguing that Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate is actually responsible for this disruption of the airline services.

According to some social media users the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” relates to an anti-Biden meme. Here is the back story of this weird slogan and the viral video of Southwest Airlines Employees. Stay tuned!

Who Is Brandon?

Image Of Who Is Brandon

The viral video relates to a long story. Let’s begin from the start.

Brandon Brown is a professional American racing car driver who won his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity Series on the 2nd of October. In his 28-year-old career, this was the first time he made it to the top spot. After the victory, he appeared in an interview with NBC. This is where the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme takes its roots.

As Brandon was giving an interview to the reporter he wasn’t aware of what was going in the background. While the crowd was chanting slogans, Brandon said, “Thank you to all of our partners. Oh my god it’s just such an unbelievable moment”.

The female NBC reporter noticed the chant and perceived that the crowd was saying “Let’s go Brandon”. While giving some additional remarks she said, “As you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon’”.

However, the crowd was actually showing their disapproval for the current US president and they were saying, “f*** Joe Biden”.

Some people argue that the NBC reporter made a huge error while others think she was aware of the slogan but she tried to cover it up as she was live on air.

Now, the viral phrase “Let’s go Brandon” has become an anti-Biden slogan and people are using the slogan all over the internet.

The incident was reported by several news channels and people have also taken it to Twitter. Hence, it has become a viral anti-Biden slogan now.

Why Are Southwest Airlines Employees Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”?

Image Of Why Are Southwest Airlines Employees Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”

As soon as people have observed the error made by NBC reporter, it has become a popular phrase now. Anti-Biden people are shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” at sports events across the USA.

 People who aren’t in favor of Joe Biden are defaming him using the phrase. However they are joking that they aren’t defaming Joe Biden at all, they are just shouting “Let’s go Brandon”.

Most people know that it is an anti-Biden slogan, while there are also some who are unaware of the back story.

The trend has further got traction after the cancellation of Southwest Airlines. The employees have recorded several videos in disapproval of President Biden’s vaccine mandate chanting “Let’s go Brandon”.

Meme creators have are also rolling hundreds of memes featuring the viral phrase “Let’s go Brandon”. Some users are suggesting the Southwest Airlines pilots tie banners of  “Let’s go Brandon” with the airplanes.

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Final Words

This was all about the viral video that showcased the Southwest Airlines Employees Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”, and its back story. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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