‘Look At My Sound’ Meaning On TikTok — Explored

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you might have seen people writing ‘Look At My Sound’ in their captions and videos but I bet you might not be aware of its meaning. To your surprise, this very decent phrase has a dark meaning behind it. If you want to explore what people refer to when they say ‘Look At My Sound’, then here is all you need to know about it.

With the number of users soaring up, TikTok is getting a massive collection of content. From PG content to explicit you will find everything here. Even though the community guidelines are clearly defined regarding forbidden content, you will still encounter sexual content in some way or another.

There also are users who keep searching on the platform for explicit content using code words that are known to very few.

However, most recently the explicit content creators have discovered a phrase that attracts their potential audience without letting others know what they are talking about. Yes, you got it right! The phrase ‘Look At My Sound’ is a way content creators invite you to check their explicit content or sometimes it might also be used as a s*x signal.

What Does ‘Look At My Sound’ Mean On TikTok?

Image Of What Does ‘Look At My Sound’ Mean On TikTok

As described earlier, ‘Look At My Sound’ is a phrase that asks the users to look at the sounds that accompany their videos. In the majority of cases the videos that feature this dark phrase showcase insufficiently dressed curvy women who won’t be fully explicit, but are offering something of a tease to their audience.

In some cases, a content creator who uses the phrase ‘Look At My Sound’ asks his followers to open his profile and click on the link available on their bio. Upon clicking on the link, the users then get directed to inappropriate sites. Thus, on TikTok, the meaning of the phrase ‘Look At My Sound’ is that someone is giving you a signal to check their explicit content. It is a simple way to make people think about s*x.

The weird thing about this phrase is that very few people on TikTok are aware of its meaning. Upon witnessing the phrase users figure out the meaning of this trend themselves. However, most of the people who take part in this challenge are young women in various states of undress thus, the phrase becomes a little self-explanatory.

‘Look At My Sound’ Meaning Explored

Image Of ‘Look At My Sound’ Meaning Explored

Although explicit videos are strictly forbidden according to the community guidelines of TikTok, content creators still are making attempts to attract users to their inappropriate websites.

Users who have got the meaning of this phrase in the first place, have tried to make fun out of it. They have poked light fun at the video creators who have used this phrase in their videos and captions.

Under the comment section of one such video, a user wrote, “Which ‘sound’? Left or right? They are both jiggling pretty good”.

Another said, “I have never heard them called ‘sound’ before”.

According to the audience, this dark phrase is meant to entice men who are taking part in the No Nut November Trend. Content creators are trying to tempt men who are trying to avoid s*x, masturbation throughout the month of November.

So, the purpose of this trend is to encourage men to involve in explicit activities or the explicit content creators just want that the participants of No Nut November to fail this trend.

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Last Words

This was all about the meaning of the viral phrase ‘Look At My Sound’ and it’s meaning on TikTok. Hopefully, you have found all available information about this trendy phrase from TikTok.

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