Naur Meaning On TikTok — Explained

The American content creators on TikTok are using the slang term ‘Naur’ over and over again, but do you know its meaning? If not, there is nothing to worry about. Here is all information you need to know about this trendy phrase from TikTok.

Gen Z on TikTok is obsessed with a new slang term ‘Naur’ these days. You might think it is another abusive word or a term having a dark meaning behind but this is not the case. The secret is, young internet users especially from America are poking fun at the Australian accent.

When young netizens noticed how Australians pronounce No, they couldn’t help but turn the accent into a joke. Most users who are in on this joke are Americans and they just trying to poke fun at their fellow Aussie users.

What Does Naur Mean On TikTok?

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The American TikTok users have used the word ‘naur’ as a way of phonetically spelling the word “no” in a typical Australian accent.

After this word has become popular on TikTok, it has reached several other social media platforms. Witnessing this joke going viral all over the internet, some Australian users seem a bit offended while others are agreeing that they actually sound like this. One such user provided an audio of himself pronouncing “Oh naur, its Jigsaw,” as evidence of the viral joke.

Here is how users have addressed this viral phrase in their tweets on Twitter. One user wrote, “Australians trapped in a jigsaw trap would be like “oh naur it’s jigsaur”. Another said, “Australians trapped in a Jigsaw trap would be like ‘oh naur, it’s Jigsaw,’”.

The word ‘Naur’ has turned into a joke on TikTok right now and they have come up with hilarious content. Joking about it one user said, “Australians when their car gets towed: naur, naur not my car”. “Girls, if you have to convince yourself he’s cute: naur naur,” said another.

“I thought I was the only one who said ‘naur,’” wrote another. “Oh naur, I’ve got to get to the water,” added the third user.

Naur Meaning TikTok

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‘Naur’ is just another way of saying ‘No’ on TikTok. Imitating the Australian accent, American users have turned ‘No’ into a whole new joke.

A user on Twitter wrote, “it’s almost a two-syllable word that’s a combination of “no” and “nah” and “aauurrr.”

As the meaning of ‘Naur’ has become obvious to the majority of users, content creators have replaced the word ‘no’ with ‘naur’. Thus ‘Naur’ has become a new normal on TikTok. Even the hashtag ‘naur’ has become immensely popular thus amassing over 9.7 million likes.

Here is what the Urban Dictionary has to say about the trendy slang ‘Naur’.

1. “It is another word for “no” that many people use because of how Australians pronounce the word “no”. It became popular to Kpop stans because of Australian idols like BLACKPINK’s Rosé, STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan, STRAY KIDS’ Felix, and other idols that pronounce “no” with naur.”

2. Naur is a way of saying “No” but with a British/Australian accent. Also derived from a popular video of someone with an Australian accent saying, “No, it’s true it’s true!”

3. Naur is a word with an Australian accent used by kpop stans especially groups with kpop idols who lived in australia like Rosé from BLACKPINK.

4. This is the way of our best leader, Bang Chan says hello but he isn’t aware of it naur. naur? nauur. nauuur?? NAUUURRR?

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Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of the word ‘naur’ on TikTok and its origin. Hopefully, you have got all the details you needed to know.

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