Louie Castro And Fernando Broke Up — But Why?

Fans are heartbroken as Louie Castro and Fernando Broke Up recently. As the news of the breakup has gone viral, fans have started speculating about the possible reasons. Here we have pieced together all the information real related to Louie Castro and Fernando’s breakup.

Louie and Fernando were followed by millions of people on social media handles for their unique relationship. However, the couple has recently revealed that they are no more together. Louie, one of the popular YouTubers and makeup artists has taken it to his Instagram account to talk about their break-up.

Fernando has also discussed their breakup on his Instagram handle and fans seem heartbroken. Here is what both the influencers have talked about their breakup. Stay tuned!

Why Did Louie Castro And Fernando Break Up?

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Considering the speculations revolving around their breakup Louie has taken it to his YouTube on Thursday to clear the air.

At the start of the video, Louie can be heard saying, “Long story short, Fernando and I are not together. We have not been together for about a month now”.

Explaining the situation even further, Louie further added, “Our relationship didn’t end in any bad terms”.

The star further continued saying, “We just ended because I felt that I wasn’t like feeling it anymore. There were no more ups, there were downs.”

He then talked about how he had to put a line. He said, “I had to finally put my foot down and be like what is this relationship.”

Louie also revealed that things weren’t going well between them. They even had started arguing over little things, thus break up was the only solution.

Talking about how their relationship changed, Louie further added, “It just wasn’t about how it used to be, and the only thing keeping us together was thinking about what it used to be”.  While concluding the video Louie further said, “the love wasn’t as strong as it used to be.”

Louie Castro And Fernando’s Breakup

Image Of Louie Castro And Fernando’s Breakup

While Louie has revealed his part of the story, another video that features Fernando kissing an unidentified man is making rounds on the internet. This video is being posted a few days ago and some fans have perceived that Fernando had cheated on Louie.

However, the couple has addressed the rumors and cleared the air. Talking about the viral video, in his now-deleted Instagram post Fernando wrote, This video that was taken of me, took place yesterday, (meaning December 23), a month after we split up.”

Louie agreed to the fact that they had broken up over a month before Fernando’s video went viral. He also revealed that a video of him at the club has also been making rounds on the internet.

Louie explained that he was just dancing with his friend in a club and the clip was misconstrued because their followers weren’t aware of the breakup.

Whatever the reasons for their breakup were, fans are heartbroken after they have heard about the breakup. Here are some of the reactions made by their fans on Twitter.

Alongside a crying emoji, one person wrote, “Louie and fern broke up”.

Another Twitter user said, “Louie and fern broke up? bye what is love anymore”

“I’m so upset Louie and Fern broke up”, wrote another user.

Another Tweet made by a fan read:

“Went on a date tonight and when I got home, I found out Louie and Fern broke up. I had suspicions for a while that they did. But them confirming it broke my heart”.

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Bottom Line

This was all about why Louie Castro and Fernando Broke Up and the reaction of fans towards the news. Hopefully, you have got all the information you were looking for.

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