Material Girl Song TikTok — Artist And Lyrics Explored

Material Girl is the latest song to go viral on the video-sharing app TikTok. You might think of this song as the 1984 hit from Madonna’s Like A Virgin album, no, we aren’t talking about it. The Material Girl song is a 2020 viral hit track that has got traction on TikTok recently. Here we have explored all the information related to this soundtrack.

The soundtracks of TikTok have played a vital role in the content creator’s success since its launch. Without these soundtracks, users might not have amassed the success they have garnered so far.

Even since its launch, users have added thousands of soundtracks on the video-sharing app alongside TikTok’s own collection, enabling the users to have their hands over thousands of background tracks.

Some soundtracks were not known to many of us before they stepped onto the video-sharing app and became popular. The latest song that is making headlines on TikTok is ‘Material Girl’ users are curious to find details about the song’s singer and lyrics. If you are among the users looking to find details about these songs, we have provided here all the information you needed to know.

Who Is The Singer Of TikTok Song Material Girl?

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TikTok’s current viral song ‘Material Girl’ is sung by Saucy Santana, who is a 28-year-old rapper based in Florida. The singer’s real name is Justin Harris and became popular on the internet as a makeup artist for the hip hop duo City Girls. Later, he started singing rap songs in the year 2019, which added to his popularity.

In the same year when he started rapping, he rolled his initial track “Walk Em Like A Dog”. He also made an appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Miami. So, he is familiar to a number of people. He has now just released his debut album ‘Keep It Playa’ which is featuring artists City Girls, BeatKing, Kali, and Rubi Rose.

Talking about his debut album Santana said: “This project is the next episode of the Saucy experience.”

This rap singer is quite popular on TikTok as well. So far, he has amassed over 2.1 million followers and over 32 million likes on all his videos. Material Girl isn’t the only song that has gone viral on TikTok, Santana’s several other tracks have also made it to the Foryou page.

Some of the popular hits of Santana include, “Walk,” “Here We Go,” and “Up & Down”.

Material Girl Song Lyrics

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Here are the lyrics of Material Girl Song that you need to remember in order to be part of the viral Material Girl song trend.

I want Chanel 9 boots

All these n***as steady jockin’

‘Cause they know I’m the truth

(Material girl) And I get it from my mammy

Balmain, bustdowns, these h**s can’t stand me

(Material girl) Currently working on a Grammy

Meanwhile, p***y poppin’ with ya man in Miami

(Material girl) Channels and pearls

That’s the trick that it takes to keep the girls

TikTok users have expressed their love for the track on several other platforms. Talking about the TikTok song Material Girl, users wrote on Twitter:

“You know you Tiktok too much when the squeak in the door sounds like “Material Girl”

Another user wrote, “The material girl TikTok sound has such a grip on my life”.

This soundtrack is being used for over 195.1K videos on TikTok so far.

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Last Words

This was all about TikTok’s viral song, Material Girl, its singer, and the lyrics. Hopefully, this article has informed you will all the details you were looking for.

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