Marvel Look Alike Filter — Viral Filter From TikTok

The latest filter to go viral on TikTok is Marvel Look Alike Filter. Most of the users consider it to be a new filter but in reality it is the second name of the famous Shapeshifter Effect from TikTok. Didn’t try it yet? Well, here is how it works.

Users on the Chinese video sharing application are obsessed with the Marvel Look Alike Filter. Considering its name, some users think it’s a new filter rolled by TikTok, but in reality it is not. 

This is just the second name of the Shape Shifting Filter TikTok that went viral on the app few weeks back. Out of curiosity to know which celebrity they resemble, users are pouring thousands of videos using this filter.

This article will enlighten you with what the filter is all about and how to get it on TikTok. Keep scrolling!

What Is Marvel Look Alike Filter

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Marvel Look Alike Filter also known on TikTok as Shape Shifting Filter is an amazing effect that lets you know which celebrity you resemble. Before applying the filter on your face, you have to select an image that should contain multiple characters. The filter will pick the character that resembles you the most.

While applying the filter don’t forget to open your front camera so that the filter will check your face features first, to let you know what character resembles you the most. FYP of TikTok is loaded with the videos using the Marvel Look Alike Filter.

Some users have checked their resemblance with Disney characters while many others have used the pictures of Harry Potter and hunger game characters. Rest of the users have used the Marvel characters hence giving the filter its new name “Marvel Shapeshifter”. This filter is quite fun to use.

How To Get Marvel Look Alike Filter

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To get the filter, users should firstly search for Marvel Characters or any other characters they want. The only thing you should care about is to pick a picture containing multiple characters. Once you have selected an image, follow the below steps,

  • Open your updated TikTok application and tap on the “Discover” option.
  • Type ‘Shapeshifting’ in the search bar and hit enter.
  • You will witness the ShapeShifting Filter popping up underneath the word ‘Effects’
  • Once you get the filter, tap on the record button.
  • Then, you have to upload the image downloaded previously.
  • The filter will now depict what character you resemble.

If you are unable to find the effect this way, then you can simply tap on “Effects” tab that is located in the bottom left- hand corner of the screen. Then, open the tab saying “Trending”.

You will get “Trending” tab in the effects selection screen. Now, scroll through all the filters until to get the filter with a logo of two cartoon faces and a landscape picture inside the first face. Once you get the filter, follow the steps as of the above method.

The important point to remember is that use the selfie camera, using the back camera the filter may not work. Lastly, you will witness the filter to zoom in the character that resembles your face features.

Marvel Shapeshifter TikTok

To get the best results of Marvel Shapeshifter TikTok filter, users are creating grids of images of people they want to be compared with. Most of the people have used images of Disney princesses, Harry Potter characters and One Direction members.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Marvel Look Alike Filter that is taking the foryou page of TikTok with storm. Hopefully the information provided in this article will help you to lay your hands over this trendy filter.

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