Shaolin Monk Challenge — Here’s How To Complete It

Bitlife’s weekly Shaolin Monk Challenge is live now. Let’s find out what this challenge is and how it can be completed.

The life stimulation online game Bitlife releases challenges every week. Each of the challenge requires certain tasks to be accomplished. These challenges are made available for players worldwide. Players compete to complete the challenges at the first place. Once you complete a challenge, you can see how you stacked up against the race on the completion screen.

Currently, players have rolled up their sleeves to complete the recent “Shaolin Monk Challenge.” Let’s explore what this challenge is all about and how it can be completed.

What Is Shaolin Monk Challenge

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Shaolin Monk Challenge is the recent challenge, rolled by Bitlife. To complete the challenge players have to meet the following requirements,

  • Be a monk for 20+ consecutive years
  • Meditate annually for 30+ consecutive years
  • Earn the top belt in every martial art
  • Kill three people with martial art moves

Once you complete all the above mentioned requirements, your Bitlife account will get an appearance item that you can put on any character you develop. Let’s check how the individual tasks can be completed.

How To Complete Shaolin Monk Challenge

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To start the challenge, the very first point you need to consider is that make your character a male so that you will be able to become a monk later.

The first two tasks are trickiest of all because these are the ones you will be doing for many years. After graduating from school, you have to become a monk by picking the job from the jobs menu.

When your character become old enough to take part in body and mind activities, have them start mediating. You have to repeat this 30 times to complete the mediation task.

To complete the martial arts task, you have to ask your parents to take you out for the martial arts classes. You can complete this task anytime in your character’s life.

You can do it easily if your parents agree to take you out for the lessons, but if they deny it to do so, then you can join any martial arts program once your character turns 18.  Try to do it before becoming a monk.

Shaolin Monk Challenge Bitlife

Another important point you have to consider is that, you have to remain virgin in order to be able to become a monk. You should also not indulge in drinking or drugs. You will find the option to become the monk under the occupation page.

If you are a male, have done nothing wrong and are pure, then you can easily become a monk. Once you have become a monk, spend 20 years as monk to complete the task.

The next task is to kill three people using martial art moves. This task is interlinked with the previous task. It can only be completed if you have already taken martial arts classes and earned a top belt. If you have already completed the tasks then you can easily kill three people to fulfill this task.

To complete this task smoothly you have to get into the jail. Then you will kill your prison inmates. You should focus on a sensitive spot like throat to kill them. Players can also find the option to attack someone in prison under the pick your move tab. With completion of this task, you will complete the BitLife’s weekly Shaolin Monk Challenge.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the trending weekly challenge from BitLife. Hopefully the information provided in this article will help you excel the challenge. Happy Gaming!

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