‘MB’ Meaning On TikTok — TikTok Abbreviation Explored

TikTok users are curious to know the meaning of ‘MB’, as their friends on the video-sharing app are using this short term in the conversation. If you are among such users, we are here for you to explain the story behind this abbreviation.

The Chinese video-sharing app has become one of the largest platforms for users to find new friends.  Being used in every corner of the world, TikTok has now formed a diverse community. In addition, after coming across people from different regions and languages, TikTok users have come up with their own lingo.

This newly formed lingo comprises short terms, abbreviations, and slang terms that are not so easy to understand. Especially, for the users who have joined the video-sharing platform recently, it becomes quite difficult for them to understand the meaning behind it.

Further, these viral linguistic terms keep piling up as users introduce new words with each passing day. The current viral acronym that has made the users curious is ‘MB’. The majority of users are unaware of its meaning and usage; hence we have come up with this write-up to help you out.

What Is The Meaning Of ‘MB’ On TikTok

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The acronym ‘MB’ stands differently for different users. If you are watching a video that is talking about any storage device or capacity then the short form ‘MB’ stands for megabyte.  While if you are talking to someone about music bands, they might use the term ‘MB’ to refer to the popular band “Mindless Behavior” which is known on social media as ‘MB’. Besides the two cases provided above, ‘MB’ may also mean “maybe” or “my bad”.

The word ‘MB’ is also defined by Urban Dictionary and according to it ‘MB’ is,

 “A shorter version of My bad

Joe: ur a b*tch

Sally: No I’m not

Joe: Oh ok mb”.

Another definition provided by Urban Dictionary reads,

MB: (Medium Boto)- Someone who evolved from “SB” (Small Boto) to “MB”. An “MB” has more than 1 chic and wants to lose their v-card to any girl, but no one wants to fck him.

MB: “I like to lose my v-card before I leave.”

C1: “Why?”

MB: “Cause I like to practice before I come there.”

C1: “What about c2, thas yo chic.”

MB: “Naw, she’s just another girl, I still finna talk to her tho for practice.”

So the meaning of ‘MB’ might differ in different situations. Here are some examples of ‘MB’ being used by TikTok users:

“Nah cous it was babey & jeson trynna figure out wha “mb” stood for talmin abt its “MIND BLOWN if y’all booty tickled” or “MUST BE if y’all booty tickled” lol little do they know it’s “ MY BAD”

Another user simply said, MB = My Bad. So, in the majority of cases, the meaning of ‘MB’ is My Bad.

Meaning Of ‘MB’

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Besides MB, here are some more slang terms that you might come across on the video-sharing app.

POV — POV stands for Point Of View

CEO — though the meaning of CEO is quite common, but if someone says “You are CEO of any particular thing”, it means you are the best at it.

PFP — It stands for Profile Picture

IB — It is the short form of Inspired By.

DC — Stands for Dance Credit.

OOMF — Means One Of My Followers

FYP — The most commonly used acronym is FYP, which means Foryou page.

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Concluding Remarks

The slang terms keep piling up on the video-sharing app and we always try to explore its meaning for you. Hopefully, this article has provided all information about the viral short form ‘MB’. Drop a comment in the below comment box, if you have any further information about this acronym.

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