Meaning Of 520 On Internet — Chinese Slang Explained

New Chinese slang is making rounds on the internet for its adorable meaning, if you are not aware of the meaning of the term ‘520’, here is everything you need to know.

Internet slang terms have existed for several years and with each passing day, the number of these slang terms keeps adding on. Users have a collection of slang terms in difficult languages and dialects and most often, users of a specific country have a collection of internet slang in their national language.

Quite similar to internet slang from other countries of the world, Chinese internet users also have a dictionary of their own. The latest Chinese slang term to go viral on the internet is ‘520’ and users are wondering to know what the meaning of this slang term is. If you are among such users, here is what the term ‘520’ means on the internet.

What Is The Meaning Of Internet Meme 520?

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Well, the meaning of 520 on the internet is quite a simple yet adorable one. Just like the terms ‘BFF’ ‘ILY’ IMY’ and so on, this Chinese slang also has an adorable meaning.

When we tried to find the meaning of 520 on the internet, we came to know that when you pronounce ‘5’ and ‘0’ in Chinese, (wÇ” èr líng), they sound like “wÇ’ ài nǐ,” which in the Chinese language means “I love you.”

So, if someone sends you this weird number perceive it as the language of love and consider it a love proposal. However, not in every context does it means ILY, it may sometimes hold a different meaning.

The Chinese internet users use ‘520’ as a slang term for ‘I love You’, just as the English speakers write the acronym ‘ILY’.

As soon as non-Chinese internet users have come across this slang, they have started pouring all the social media platforms with this slang term. From Twitter to TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, users are writing ‘520’ slang in captions and comments.

Internet Slang 520 Meaning

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The term 520 is used in another context also. The number 5 20 represents the 20th of May, which is the day of love in China. As the rest of the world celebrates the day of love on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, Chinese lovers consider the 20th of May as the day of romance.

In China, this day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. On this day, thousands of lovers reach the registry offices to tie knots with their loved ones. They have to stand in long long queues to get married following the romantic connotation of the date.

Well, following the viral term 520, another term that is viral is 521. The acronym 521 is used to refer to the term ‘“I am willing” or “I do.” This is again, another romantic day that Chinese lovers observe.

May 21st, the romantic day is also celebrated with zeal but it is not a national holiday. Couples who fail to get married on 20th May, prefer to tie the knot on 21st May.

According to another report, 20th May is referred to as the day for men to express their love for the special women in their lives. While the day followed by 20th is the day for women to return their affection to the special men of their lives.

As the date 21st May has arrived, the terms 520 and 521 have also come into the spotlight.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of 520 and why users are getting behind the acronym. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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