Meaning Of Draco Season With The Bookbag TikTok — Explained

A new TikTok song trend, ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ is getting traction over the video-sharing app, and users are looking to find its meaning. If you are among such users confused about the weird name of this trend, we have got you covered. Here is what the ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ trend is all about and the hidden meaning behind it.

Since its launch in 2016, we have witnessed several trends go viral on the video-sharing app TikTok. From dance challenges to some perilous acts and hilarious meme trends, we have witnessed, thousands of trends going viral on this Chinese platform.

The brainy TikTok users have now come up with another trend titled ‘Draco Season with the Bookbag’ recently, and it is getting immense popularity among the audience.

Here we have covered everything about what the Draco Season with the Bookbag is all about, its meaning, and the reason why thousands of TikTok users are drooling over it. Let’s get started!

What Is The Draco Season With The Bookbag On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Draco Season With The Bookbag On TikTok

A new song saying Draco Season with the Bookbag is reigning over TikTok for a quite long now and users are curious to know the meaning behind it.

Well, as far as the meaning of this trend is concerned, there is no specific meaning of “Draco Season with the Bookbag”. It is just a song that was released by “The Future” in the year 2017. After a few years of its release, the song is now hitting the screens and has become immensely viral over the internet.

The song has come into the limelight again, thanks to the creative TikTok users.

About how the trend began, Distractify reveals that it got its start from a user named @SimplySaturnn. The trend began when the TikTok content creator @SimplySaturnn created this new version of the song.

This viral track is being used in multiple ways. Some users are simply using the track in their background while some users are seen posting videos of sending the lyrics of the song to their friends.

The Draco Season With The Bookbag Trend TikTok

Image Of The Draco Season With The Bookbag Trend TikTok

Some TikTok users have found a resemblance between this trend and a prior TikTok trend that required users to select a song they would like and the rest of the users had to guess the song and complete the song lyrics.

Well, if you have missed out on this trendy TikTok soundtrack, we have got your back. Here are the lyrics of this viral song so that you don’t miss out on this amazing trend,

You better not raise your voice at me
You know I got a pimp degree


Draco season with the bookbag
Rat tat, got a little kick back
Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch
You ain’t never ever get you bitch back*4

Lamborgini doors but I never stop
Fuck around got a nigga pissed off
Nice little thot got stiff arm
Did the Heisman on the hoe got the stiff arm

Fuck up that body like Tyson or Holyfield wo wo wo wo wo
A couple of pills and I got my soda filled wo wo wo wo wo

Break out a sweat I go head over heels for these meals wo wo wo wo wo wo
She thinks she the one but to me she ain’t nothing but a thrill wo wo wo wo wo

I’ve been drippin like a god with her
I been dodging all the fly what else, I been fillin up garages what else
I gave her a French menage what else

Close your eyes eyes eyes
I’m about to slide slide slide
Wonder why why why
I stay in the sky sky sky

Pink molly let me dance with her
Freestylin let me dance with her

Sky Dweller it was sentimental
Rose gold it was sentimental

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The Last Words

This was all from the trendy ‘Draco Season With The Bookbag’ TikTok song trend and its meaning over the platform. Hopefully, you have found everything you needed to know.

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