Meat Free Monday Trend TikTok — Here’s All You Need To Know

The Meat Free Monday Trend from TikTok is convincing the users to reduce the consumption of meat. This trend has become hugely popular on the video-sharing app and thousands of users are hopping into it. Here is all you need to know about this viral TikTok trend.

 If you are an avid user of TikTok, you might have an idea about how popular the TikTok recipes are. There are thousands of video creators who come up with tasty recipes that you have never tasted before. Being able to post short videos only, the TikTok chefs roll short and simple recipes on the platform.

Recently, TikTok foodies have started a new trend named, Meat Free Monday that focuses on reducing the use of meat and meat products. Before this viral trend, a user named @thatveganteacher became popular for creating awareness among the users about vegan values. Following her values a trend named “Eat your vegetables” became popular recently, that involved people making fun of the values being forced on them by the vegan teacher.

However, the new viral trend “Meat Free Monday” also comes with the idea of vegan values but with a small twist. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What Is Meat Free Monday Trend On TikTok?

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Meat Free Monday or Meat Less Monday is an international campaign that asks people to reduce their usage of meat. Several users have joined the trend but there are also some, who aren’t in favor of this campaign.

According to the people who are leading this campaign, it is crucial to reduce the usage of meat and dairy products in order to combat the climate crisis. They further claim that the reduced usage of meat and dairy can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A TikTok user who participated in the trend explains that, if everyone in the UK eats plant-based meals for a day every week, the greenhouse gas emissions would reduce by over 550 million tons a year. which equals 16 million cars getting off the road. Well, these stats are quite weird but this is how the TikTok campaigners have presented the Meat Free Monday idea.

A TikTok user named @solanathegreenfairy is also an advocate of this popular trend. She says in one of the videos, “One of the most effective ways that we can help combat climate crisis is by reducing meat and dairy consumption. This is why I want to introduce you guys to Meat Free Mondays.” Solana captioned her video, “WHO WILL BE JOINING ME ON MEAT FREE MONDAY?”

Well, it is quite obvious that not all people can fully convert to vegetarianism, but they can at least skip meat on a day every week. TikTok users are also challenging their friends to eat-plant based meals for a whole week.  

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Meat Free Monday Meaning

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Meat Free Monday campaign is inviting non-veg TikTok users to be part of an international campaign that aims at reducing global warming and many other similar environmental issues by reducing the use of meat products.

To make this campaign a successful one, users are also sharing delicious meatless recipes. Some of the non-veg recipes that have gone viral are Vegan Burger Wrap, Vegan Bolognese, and Lasagna.

Furthermore, the trendsetters of Meat Free Monday are rolling recipes involving vegetables on Mondays. Recipes like pumpkin soup, meatless meatballs, and vegan burritos have also become popular on the app.’

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Meat Free Monday Trend from TikTok. Hopefully, you have got all information about this vegan trend. Let us know your outlook about this trend in the below comment box.

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