Mel Made Me Do It Meaning – Lyrics Explained

Stormzy’s new song is making rounds on all major social media platforms but fans are confused about the meaning of Mel Made Me Do It. If you are among these rap fans wondering to know the meaning of Mel Made Me Do It, we have got you covered. Here is what the viral song refers to.

As Stormzy’s new song has gone viral, it is now being proved that this rapper is the G.O.A.T of the British rap scene. Stormzy whose original name is Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr is a fan-favorite ever since the days of “WickedSkengMan 4”.

Since the last 7 years, Stormzy’s has given us several hit tracks. From Own It to, Shut Up and Big For Your Boots, he has given us some exceptional tracks.

His recent track that is currently going viral is ‘Mel Made Me Do It. Though the track has got immense traction, fans are anxious to know the meaning behind it. To help all those who are wondering to find the meaning below we have broken down everything!

What Is The Meaning Of Stormzy’s New Song Mel Made Me Do It?

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of Stormzy’s New Song Mel Made Me Do It

Fans are grooving on the rousing lyrics of Mel Made Me Do It and we are getting to hear this track on almost all social media platforms. Though it has gone viral across the internet, very few listeners are aware of the meaning behind the lyrics.

The catchphrase of the lyrics is not something that most of us have heard before. Also, Stormzy has not talked about it yet.

Nonetheless, Tobí Rachel who is the social editor at has helped several people understand the meaning.

Tobí Rachel has taken it to her Twitter account to talk about the meaning of Mel Made Me Do In her Twitter post, she wrote, “Basically, Mel is a Black British school teacher who taught a lot of us in the Noughties (2000-2009).

“She showed us how to avoid street life. Without her, we will all be in prison or addicts. Mel Made Me Do It is what we say when we become one of the good Blacks, like Stormzy.”

She further wrote, “I’m really enjoying British newsrooms poorly trying to figure out what Mel Made Me Do It means with no idea who Mel is and what she made anyone do. Hire more black writers then”.

Mel Made Me Do It Meaning Of Stormzy’s New Song Explained

Image Of Mel Made Me Do It Meaning Of Stormzy’s New Song Explained

Several other Twitter users have also come forward to talk about the lyrics. One user said, “I’m tickled how people are trying to figure out what Mel Made Me Do It when I recently found out what Mel Made Me Do It and who Melissa is but from what I’ve gathered she’s a force in the influencing community which makes this all the worse.”

Well, whatever the meaning behind these lyrics is, we are so glad that we got to hear such amazing music.

People who have just started listening to Stormzy. he is a UK-based rapper. Talking about his childhood, he revealed to ‘The Sun’ that, “I grew up in Norbury, that was my stomping ground, in a house of five of us, my mum, my two big sisters, my little brother and I grew up and we didn’t have a lot of money at all. Very working-class background.”

He further added, “I used to take all my sister’s clothes. Lucky for me my big sister was a tomboy. So lucky for me I could go and take her clothes.

“My mum was working two to three jobs at a time. She was a cleaner, dinner lady, so we didn’t have much growing up at all.”

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning behind Stormzy’s recent viral track. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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