What Is Going To Happen On January 5th 2023 – TikTok Trend

TikTok users are coming across a new trend that talks about January 5th 2023, but what exactly is going to happen on this date? If you too are confused about this date, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about what the date ‘January 5th 2023’ is all about and what special is going to happen on this day.

TikTok users are anxious to know about a viral date that is currently taking over the platform. Some content creators have an opinion that at this date their hair color will turn to their soulmate’s hair color and so on.

But before something happened on January 5th 2023, we all have to survive the 24th of September, which several users have referred to as doomsday. Yes, you heard it right! Another trend surrounding another date, 24th of September is making rounds on the video-sharing app. Some people reveal that this is going to be the last day of our planet as the earth is going to face a major natural disaster.

Some have come up with the idea that on 24th September we are going to face a zombie apocalypse while others are reporting that the earth is going to be hit by a major solar flare. To be specific, TikTok users are associating this date with all the bad things. However, all these are just bizarre social media theories with no reasoning or proof.

Following this, another date January 5th 2023, is confusing TikTok users and they are wondering to know what is going to happen on this day.

What Is Happening On January 5th 2023?

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Well, if you are afraid that something bad is going to happen on January 5th 2023, take a chill pill as nothing much is going to happen.

It’s just that, Illinois Safe-T Act will come into play on January 5, 2023. The January 5, 2023 trend on TikTok started after a TikTok user strqthngs posted a video on the ByteDance-owned video-sharing platform.

In the video, the user says, “Me after releasing what is going to happen on 5th of January 2023.” This is where the confusion has begun. The clip has gone viral on the platform garnering over 3 million views.

Some users are associating the date with Illinois’ Safe-T Act which is scheduled for the same date while others are joking that their hair color will turn as to the hair color of their partner.

Though nothing scary is going to happen that day, users are coming up with their own ideas featuring this date to confuse all the other users on TikTok.

January 5th 2023 TikTok Trend Explained

Image Of January 5th 2023 TikTok Trend Explained

Well, this is not the first that a specific date has gone viral on TikTok, Earlier, we have come across several instances when content creators confused the users by creating trends out of some random dates.

Earlier there was a trend revolving around September 1st, which revealed that using the TikTok sound will bring them $3111 before or on September 1st. Well, again it was a random trend and no one got the money that content creators talked about.

Another similar trend was ‘May 2’ when users posted an image from Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun (TBHK) anime with the date May 2. This trend again confused many of the TikTok users but nothing special happened on that particular date.

These all are just ways to get attention from the users and garner new followers, comments, and likes.

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The Bottom Line

After reading all the essential information about this trend, we have come to the conclusion that nothing special is going to happen on January 5th, 2023. It is just a random TikTok trend.

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