Milk Crate Challenge TikTok – Another Dodgy Challenge

A challenge named “Milk Crate” is making rounds on the foryou page of TikTok. Within few days of its launch, the challenge has amassed immense popularity. However, it is also being criticized for being a dangerous challenge. Here is all you must know about this viral challenge.

Since its launch, we have witnessed several bizarre challenges on TikTok. Some of these challenges were so dangerous that they even faced a ban on the platform. Many users have got severe injuries after trying these dangerous challenges and some users have even lost their lives. Due to such dodgy challenges, the platform has received backlash from users. TikTok is even being banned several times in many countries.

However, another similar challenge has become the talk of the town. While attempting the Milk Crate Challenge, several users have faced injuries. Here is more detail.

What Is Milk Crate Challenge?

The Milk Crate Challenge has emerged recently on TikTok. On 22nd August, it became quite popular among the users. However, it is being reported as a dodgy challenge. If you haven’t come across the challenge yet, here is what it is all about.

Well, Milk Crate Challenge asks the users to climb a staircase build-up of crates. The idea is so crazy that several users have ended up on the floor.

Some TikTok users think it to be a simple challenge but in reality, it is not. To attempt the challenge, you need to build a staircase using cartons, which itself is a difficult job. Once you build the staircase, you have to climb it and everybody knows how risky it would be.

However, several crazy-heads of TikTok have already attempted the challenge and to your surprise, many of them have completed the challenge successfully.

How To Do Milk Crate Challenge?

To be part of this challenge, you will need to have some milk cartons first. Then, start arranging the cartons following a sequence. Firstly, place six to eight crates at the bottom and keep reducing one box as you go up the level.

Once you have built a proper staircase, you have to climb the staircase. Well, now you might be thinking that the challenge ends here, No! It’s not the case. After climbing the staircase now you have to climb down from the other side without falling. If you are able to complete it, you are the winner.

However, the majority of users have failed the challenge. Several users have ended up on the floor and they have got several injuries.

The challenge has become popular after Kenneth Waddell posted a video showcasing a couple of kids enjoying this game. Following the video rolled by Kenneth Waddell, on 14th August Jordan Browne rolled a video of a man trying to climb the crate stairs. At this point, the challenge hadn’t had any name. However, being a unique game it became popular in a blink of an eye.

Following the initial two videos, TikToker @taylorxxlauren hopped into the trend and shared the video on TikTok. This video that was created by TikToker @taylorxxlauren was then shared by Jordan on his Facebook page where it amassed more than 5 Million views. Hence, the trend became immensely popular.

Although, the challenge is quite fun to watch but when it comes to attempting it, it sounds like a dangerous deal. Many users have opposed the trend claiming it to be a dangerous one.

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Bottom Line

Challenges are fun to try and watch until they are not dangerous. Once they hurt any single individual, they should be ended there and then. Hopefully, people will be careful while attempting such challenges.

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