WTV On Snapchat — Another Acronym For Your Vocabulary

A new abbreviation WTV is flaunting on Snapchat and users are unable to grasp its meaning. The majority of such users have taken it to Twitter to discuss this viral shorthand with their followers. If you are among the users snooping to learn the meaning of WTV, here is all you need to know.

Like other social media apps, Snapchat has its own sort of language including user lingo and terms. Hence, it is quite difficult for the new users to catch up with the rapidly popping short forms. Such users rely on other social platforms like Twitter to get the meaning of common abbreviations.

If you are among the users who find it difficult to keep the track of trending Snapchat lingo, this article is for you to discover another viral acronym and to enhance your social media vocabulary.

As acronyms like SSB and FAOTP have emerged on Snapchat, it is clear that not being updated on the latest terms can leave certain users confused about what is being said on the platform. Thereby it is important to enhance your slang to communicate effectively on the app.  Furthermore, coping up with the trendy acronyms and short forms will help you retain your existing followers and attract new ones.

Meaning Of WTV On Snapchat

Image Of Meaning Of WTV On Snapchat

Well, “WTV” is the latest term being used consistently on Snapchat. If you are an avid user of the snippet-sharing app, you must have witnessed people using this short form most often. However, some people have idea about what this means but others aren’t as sure. The good thing about “WTV”  is that you can fairly guess the meaning based on the context. However, some people might not be able to guess the abbreviation “WTV” with ease.

According to Cyber Definition “WTV” stands for “WHATEVER”. “WTV” is an abbreviation used quite frankly while texting, showing the user does not care about the matter. It is an easy abbreviation that should not leave you perplexed. It’s easy to comprehend because alphabets in “WTV” are all in the word “whatever”. More else, social media users would prefer quick communication to save time and their efforts. Therefore, it is perfectly logical to use “WTV” quickly instead of typing longhand words as it saves users to avoid character count.

WTV Meaning Snapchat

Image Of WTV Meaning Snapchat

Additionally, “WTV” has multiple meanings outside social media depending on its usage and context. Here are all the other meanings of WTV besides the social platforms.

According to Urban Dictionary, the “WTV” acronym stands for “what’s the vibe”? This acronym is often used to fully grasp the energy or feeling of a particular event or area. So you can use “WTV” to figure out how to dress for a party or any function.

Likewise, another interpretation for “WTV” is “what’s the verdict”? This can be used to know about someone’s plan or to figure out if they have made a decision about something. So, whenever any of your friends’ texts saying “WTV”, try to understand its meaning according to the context.

Lastly, another common meaning of “WTV” is coined by Urban Dictionary means “white team victory”. This term is commonly used in the outlet report of an-all Girls Catholic School named Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. Seemingly, the school is divided into two teams: Gold and White. If the white team wins, someone would say “WTV” for the victory of the white team.

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Final Thoughts

Evidently, “WTV” has numerous meanings not only in but outside of the Snapchat community. So, it is preferable to make sure that you are always using “WTV” in the right context to avoid confusion in communication.

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