Mimir Meme — Here’s All You Need To Know

A Spanish baby talk mispronunciation has turned out to be a viral meme known on social media platforms as Mimir Meme. Are you aware about Mimir Meme? Do you know what it exactly means? If not then you have stopped on the most related post. Keep reading and get enlightened with the meaning of this popular meme.

Besides being widely spread on social media, memes have now reached to our T-shirts and party games. The humorous video clips or images have now become essential for the social media users. Every time you open your social media platforms, you will witness the newsfeed being invaded with plenty of memes. Though memes become frightening and bizarre at times but they are really important for the content creators.

Currently, users on social media are obsessed with the Mimir Meme. The meme seems to originate from some alien language as most of the people on internet are unable to understand the meaning. For all those people struggling with this popular word, here is the detail. Keep reading!

What Is Mimir Meme

Image Of What Is Mimir Meme

If you are looking for the meaning of Mirmir on internet then you might not be able to spot its original meaning because it doesn’t exist in any of the world’s languages. Mimir is actually mispronunciation of word “A Dormir” which belongs to Spanish language.

The replacement of word “A Dormir”, Mirmir initially became popular on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr but after being used by a famous Japanese twitter star the phrase reached many other platforms as well.

The Japanese artist Dr.ᴍᴏʀɪᴄᴋʏ used the term in order to respond to one of his fan’s comment. After seeing the comment, people started probing about the phrase hence it became quite popular on internet.

Origin Of Mimir Meme

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The Spanish people use “Mirmir” to refer to the characters tucked in beds or sleeping. This phrase was not much popular before October 2019 but then an unknown user added a meme using this phrase on internet.

The earliest meme using the phrase “Mirmir” tracks back to image macros. It was used with an image of a smiling puppy tucked inside bed. Later, a YouTuber known as Pablo Valencia came up with a video featuring the smiling dog’s picture. He captioned the video as “A mimir.”

Following this a Facebook user Tori_Rivera also uploaded the same picture. Later in November a  Picsart user Edy Cruz also rolled a sticker of the smiling dog image and he captioned it “Hora de mimir” which means  “Time to sleep” in English.

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A Mimir Meme Meaning

The meme started spreading on internet after first quarter of the covid year. On 27th May 2020, a YouTube user uploaded a hilarious video with “Mirmir” written on it. The video featured a man falling flat on his face while doing a front flip. A lullaby played in the background as he falls on the ground.

Following this so many similar videos were uploaded on social media platforms with the caption “Mirmir”. On July 23rd a YouTube user iutub vs Feisbuk uploaded a compilation of “Mirmir” memes, which racked up 128k views. Another user did the same and he garnered 736k views overall.

The meme became famous among English and Japanese people after a popular Japanese twitter artist shared a black kitten tucked on the bed on June 6th, 2020. After witnessing the post, a user “Brujita Verde” asked the artist about what it meant, and then he replied with the phrase “Mirmir” and explained its meaning to her. This is when the meme became popular among social media users.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the popular “Mirmir meme”, its origin and its meaning. Hope you have got enough information about this trendy meme.

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